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HTC returns to stop 7.0 Android for HTC 10 update

7.0 Android for HTC 10 in Europe update has stopped. Yes, we continue to day 26 of January of 2017 and not January 14, when we were doing echo of the first arrest of the software for the current flagship of the company. Quiet, this leaves vu that you feel is because the same thing happened two weeks ago with an update that fails to boot.

Director of products and services of HTC Europe, Graham Wheeler, has just announced that the deployment of Android 7.0 for 10 HTC on the continent has been “Paused” once again while the company “examines a technical problem”. Unfortunately, not expected that the launch of the software on the old continent for the 10 HTC will continue until next month.

For HTC 10 users in mainland Europe, we’ve unfortunately had to pause the rollout as we look into a technical issue and work to correct it.

-Graham Wheeler (@wheelergd) January 26, 2017

Wheeler has been quick to say that Nougat is now available in the United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East, but this news does not stop being a jug of cold water for all those clients of the firm that have relied on the 10th HTC to be your everyday smartphone.

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What happens with Android 7.0?

7.0 Android is still a real headache for some manufacturers. We have the most obvious test in the double arrest of 10 HTC update which returns to be news after the resumption of the update for the smartphone resumed a few days ago. Last November the company announced that its ship logo, HTC 10, received the upgrade to Android 7 and since then the users have faced different problems.

Other manufacturers who have found various problems with the latest version of Google’s operating system are Sony, who also last week announced the arrest of the update for the Sony Xperia Z5 due to the detection of numerous bugs of importance that damage the user experience with the smartphone’s signature.

Something similar has occurred with the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, smartphones that with the upgrade to Android 7.0 began to show different problems that were reported by different users through the company’s own forums.

As we have more news update from 7.0 Android for HTC 10 rework we will communicate it immediately.

HTC article again to stop for 10 HTC Android 7.0 update was published in MovilZona.

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