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How use the navigation on Google Maps with the voice

Google Maps has completely changed the way we travel, as if at the time GPS devices for car supposed a revolution requiring the initial outlay on the GPS and then on maps, the application of Gogole has completely changed this market. Now we can access from any mobile to maps in real time, and can also use voice commands to benefit without having to physically interact with the cell phone safer driving. Let’s see how to use Google Maps Navigation with voice.

Surf in Google Maps each time is more simple with the latest updates that is introducing the company of them of Mountain View. And not only should be more simple, but also more safe to the steering wheel, and for this has an importance capital the use by voice of the application.

How you start to use the navigation in Google Maps with the voice

In order to use Google Maps Navigation voice we can use a new option that offers the latest version of the application. So now we just have to do the following.

  1. Go to settings in Google Maps
  2. Select “detection of OK Google”
  3. Click to activate it, and if we also want so is detected from any screen, not only the Google Maps
  4. Now already can activate those commands of voice saying “OK Google… followed of any of the following commands”

navegación en Google Maps con voz

These are voice commands related to driving which we can activate.

  • Mute / active the Guide’s voice
  • Shows / hides the traffic
  • Shows / hides the satellite
  • Go to “place”
  • Displays an overview of the route
  • Show alternate routes
  • What Street is this?
  • What is the estimated time of arrival?
  • How is the traffic?
  • How is the traffic to return home?
  • Prevents / enables the tolls
  • Prevents / enables the motorways
  • Prevent / enable them transfers
  • Salt navigation

navegación en Google Maps con voz

We can also carry out other voice commands of Google Maps that have nothing to do strictly with navigation while we drive.

  • It finds “a place”
  • Send a text message to “contact”
  • What time ago?
  • Plays “certain music”
  • Where is the nearest hotel?
  • When is my next meeting?

As you can see there are many commands available to us, more and more, that allow us to know many details of our route, and most importantly, make changes to it or modify its parameters without having to physically touch the phone.

A few commands that not only make us life easier, but also make our conduccion is much safer.

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