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How to win a Snorlax in Pokémon GO and what pokemon can defeat him

It is the major problem of many Pokémon GO players. See a gym with a Snorlax defending it makes that many give back because this character Porky and seemingly without much blood is almost invincible. It win a Snorlax, is therefore that many coaches are studying and, some, have already given with the solution.

The truth is that from Niantic, perhaps, has been gone a little in their play and they have given to this character too much power. How to win a Snorlax has become an obsession for those who have a gym nearby and looks like someone has left this stubby character to defend it but that is almost impossible to defeat.

Why is Snorlax so strong?

Snorlax is a Pokemon’s type “normal” and, therefore, in theory not should be an opponent as formidable. Without, however, their very high resistance and, above all, that they are only vulnerable to attacks of fight melee, makes them a few giants.

personaje snorlax en pokémon GO

Also, the wingspan of Snorlax you makes have some hits of load devastating by what, literally, only has that endure them hits and respond when you plays with a hit of body, the Hyper Beam or the earthquake, that removed between 20 and almost 30 points of damage by second.

But, the reason that Snorlax appears invulnerable is not in statistics of this character, but in elements as the formula that applies the game to measure the damage in the fighting joined Pokémon come already with a series of attacks and predefined movements which, unlike console games, do not change.

This makes even though some characters of type fight them very powerful, fail to have one sufficient bonus by his punches as for ending the resistance of Snorlax, and these may not improving basis to train them as in the titles of console.

If you want to delve more into the intricacies of this failure of formula and balance in Pokémon GO with the Snorlax, this Trainer Tips video explained it detail.

What pokemon is that used to win to Snorlax in Pokemon GO

Not there is any other character that resist both or hit so strong as Snorlax in Pokemon GO, and not it say us but them members of Pokemon GO Hub, that know enough over the theme. They are those who have discovered the strategies that exist to defeat this enemy.

The first thing I advise, as it is not, use the most powerful Pokémon of struggle that we have to win Snorlax. We might think that this would be a Machamp, which is the strongest of which there is type fight and one of them is recommended, but in reality, this does not have a resistance to the height of what “hurt” his punches.

pantalla de un gimnasio defendido por snorlax

If we want to win to Snorlax will have to choose other options, probably who play enough to Pokémon GO you are obvious, as Vaporeon – Yes, the Pokémon that caused the stampede in Central Park to hunt it.

From Pokémon HUB recommended that, in addition, used movements and attacks, as well as choose opponents as Arcanine, Machamp, and Vaporeon, always more powerful rival, who are capable of beating Snorlax using these strategies:

  • Arcanine – (45.06 seconds to win at Snorlax)
    Fire Fang / Fire Blast
  • Machamp – (49.6 seconds in beating Snorlax)
    Karate Chop / Cross Chop
  • Vaporeon – (50.2 seconds to win at Snorlax)
    Water Gun / Hydro Pump

Pokemon GO Hub recommended, anyway, a team of Vaporeons against Snorlax as main weapon to win it. First because not are vulnerable as them others to them movements of Snorlax and, second, because when them captured already are it sufficiently powerful as to plant him face.

With characters and with what tactics have been able to win a Snorlax? Still have you not defeated any? Leave us your experiences in the comments.

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