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How to view Wi-Fi passwords saved in Android

Although almost all now use mobile connections through lar ed 3 G or 4 G, wireless networks continue to have a special importance among users, among other things, because mobile networks are limited, and if we use them in abundance, it is possible that us does not reach end of the month. By default, most of the Wi-Fi networks have a password to avoid that strangers are connected and, although our password probably know it, it is very likely that some of them forget it and, if you have to connect to it from another device or after having formed our Android, we can not.

One of the oldest security flaws of Android is that the file where is stored the configuration of Wi-Fi networks that connect is not encrypted when you save it, so, if we can go up to the route, this appears in plain text. By default, this route is blocked to avoid that conventional users can access it, however, if our device has rootpermissions, is possible to access the configuration of Wi-Fi networks, with its corresponding password, simply follow the steps that we will see below.

How to view the saved Wi-Fi passwords of Android in the wpa_supplicant.conf file

In order to recover the passwords of all Wi-Fi networks that we have connected, first thing we must do is ensure we have root permissions and install a file Explorer able to work with these permissions, such as the known Root Explorer.

Once we have our File Explorer, then, we drove up route:

  • / > Data > Misc > Wifi

On this route we will be able to find a file named “wpa_supplicant.conf“, which is the one containing the information we are looking for.

Contraseñas Wi-Fi guardadas en Android

Open it with any text viewer (for example, if you use Root Explorer, own that brings the program) and you will see a summary of the device and multi-function “network” outlining each of the networks that we have connected. Although each network can have one or the other parameters, the most important are:

  • ssid -the name of the network.
  • psk – the network password.
  • key_mgmt – encryption type / network security.
  • priority – priority to connect us (when they are two or more networks to reach).

wpa_supplicant con las contraseñas wi-fi guardadas

Although in theory you can edit this file to add or remove networks, even make a backup and restore it once formatted your computer, experience has shown us that this does not always work well, and in the majority of occasions generates connectivity problems that may lead to force us even our smartphone factory reset.

There are also third-party applications that allow us to easily recover passwords without having to dig in the files of the operating system, although these applications also require root permissions to perform.

If you have delete or manage the Wi-Fi networks is recommended to do so from the own section of Android.

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