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How to view the Aragon MotoGP online from mobile phones

If you are a lover of them two wheels know that this weekend are all them swords in it high in Motorland of Aragon between Rossi, Lorenzo, Marquez and Pedrosa after the latest racing. However, we have the last of summer weekends how can continue racing if you’re not at home? Then we give you the options you have to see the Aragon MotoGP online from your mobile phone anywhere.

At Aragon MotorLand already ROAR the engines of the circus of the two wheels. Marquez, Rosi, Lorenzo and Pedrosa sharpen their weapons as well as all the Horde Moto3 and Moto2 clothing them as squires. After clashes inside and outside the track, the last races of the Championship are becoming increasingly more interesting by what many want to follow up-to-the-minute developments in the tracing hand.


Schedules to see the MotoGP of Aragon

Before we see how you can watch the races this weekend, should take a look at the schedules, in which Friday held the first rounds of free practice and tomorrow come the qualifiers and the Grand Prize of Aragon on Sunday.

Saturday, September 24

  • Free 3 Moto3 09:00
  • Free 3 MotoGP 09:55
  • Free 3 Moto2 10:55
  • Qualification Moto3 12:35
  • Free 4 MotoGP 13:30
  • 1 MotoGP qualifying 14:10
  • 2 MotoGP qualifying 14:35
  • Moto2 qualifying 15:05

Sunday, September 25

  • Warm up Moto3 08:40
  • Warm up Moto2 09:10
  • Warm up MotoGP 09:40
  • Moto3 race 11:00
  • Moto2 race 12:20
  • MotoGP race 14:00

How to view the Aragon MotoGP online and from mobile phones

Because there will be two options on this occasion, the two Live but one is pay – but more complete. As you know, this year, Movistar has all rights to see the MotoGP online and on television –which next year will also be included in Vodafone offer and perhaps lower prices. Therefore, if we want to see the MotoGP of Aragon from the mobile and live, the first option are Movistar + applications (to remember, recently changed name and the mythical Yomvi disappeared).

In the payment platform, that Yes, we can see each and every one of the sessions of training and career, as well as races and numerous content 24 hours the network dedicated to MotoGP.

WP-Appbox: MOVISTAR + (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: MOVISTAR + (free, App Store) →

The other option that there is free and is none other than Telecinco, but there only can be, strictly speaking, see Aragon Moto GP on Sunday, i.e., the three runs without training. The choice, therefore, to see it from the mobile passes through Mediaset, MiTele app.

WP-Appbox: Mitele – TV on demand (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Mitele – TV on demand (free, App Store) →

We hope that through these channels you can enjoy the passion of the bikes this Sunday blasts!

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