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How to use Google Allo from your computer

A few days ago Google Allo updated it to version 2.0 adding to the messaging system interesting improvements as support for Android Nougat multi-window mode, fast responses from the center of notifications or compatibility with the latest version of Google’s operating system keyboard GIF. However, there is no trace of a desktop version of the application, so then we’re going to show how you can use Google Allo from your computer.

Luckily, since Google Allo still account with option to be used from the PC, Pushbullet team has not updated the application reflect notifications on your computer allowing receive and reply to messages from the application of Google from the comfort of your PC.

How to use Google Allo from your computer

To use Google Allo from your computer the first thing we have to install, of course, is the most recent version of the application on your Android smartphone. At the time that you read this is probably that you can now download the latest version of Allo from Google Play Store through the following link, but if it weren’t always so can download the APK from the app from here.

WP-Appbox: Google Allo (free, Google Play) →

Then you must install the Pushbullet application on your phone and the computer. Just as we have done with Google Allo then you can find the download link for the ap for Android, while that from here you’ll find the client computer.

WP-Appbox: Pushbullet-SMS on PC (free+, Google Play) →

Date of high in the application with your user and password and within the app enables the option of notifications reflected, of this form all them messages that receive in the application will be replicated in the computer and can chat with our contacts without need of use the application for mobile.


But actually this is not the easiest way of working with Allo on both platforms, which will allow you to use Google Allo from the computer while waiting that the company put hands to work to launch your desktop system, imitating so other apps for messaging like WhatsApp or Telegram. It is hoped that the possibility of being used independently a web or mobile version of the app appears on the next updates of service

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