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How to uninstall apps from Google and the OnePlus 3T system

Few doubt that, despite their initial problems, the OnePlus 3, and more specifically the OnePlus 3T is one of the coolest smartphones already old year 2016 has left us, but your operating system does the same lights that shadows among the users. By fortune, the world of the Scene Android provides solutions beyond where no becomes OxygenOS.

Swipe Technologies was the first to launch the operating system Freedom, and with this launch became the first brand of Indian mobile technology that boasts of this operating system based on Android with unique features, including a high level of customization. This high level of customization is precisely that allows users of OnePlus 3T uninstall system and Google applications installed in OxygenOS by default.

Initially FreedomOS it was limited only to Swipe smart phones, but over time has expanded its compatibility to OnePlus smartphones. Therefore, if you have in your possession a 3T OnePlus, you can already install the latest ROM of system, a sort of OxygenOS “with interesting improvements”.


The benefits of FreedomOS for the OnePlus 3T

FreedomOS is basically a modified version of OxygenOS. Many features are shared between the two systems and few differences you will find users who alternate between different operating systems. However, FreedomOS goes a little more beyond of what makes the system operating of OnePlus and wide the level of personalization of this last allowing delete the applications of system mentioned. And all based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

The main feature to the latest ROM of FreedomOS leads to the OnePlus 3T is the possibility to uninstall all preinstalled applications of Google Apps and the system that OnePlus has decided to leave by default on the phone. It leads clearly to save storage space in the flagship of OnePlus.

If you want to go ahead and give a chance to the operating system for the OnePlus 3T, you can access the corresponding thread XDA where you’ll find the ROM available for download as well as the instructions step by step on how to download and install this ROM on smartphone. Of course it’s a custom image for what you will need to have root access to your phone.

Besides the OnePlus 3T, find compatible with the 3 OnePlus and OnePlus 2 ROMs to to fully customize the interface of the system.

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