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How to recover photos deleted by mistake on Android

Usually when we do a picture or record a video with our smartphone, this is saved in the internal memory of the device, along with all the others that we have in him. Although it is always recommended to make backup copies of our pictures and videos on a computer or on platforms like Google photos, often by forgetfulness or laziness we do not, and risk that, before a failure, we lose access to all of our data.

When we do not keep copies of our data’s security, we are exposing to lose them for various reasons, for example, an error in the device, a malware and even a human error. If data is deleted and there is no backup, before giving them by lost we try retrieving it with analysis tools

DiskDigger is a free application thanks to which we will be able to recover pictures and videos removed by error of our smartphone. This tool will automatically analyze the different folders in which Android keeps our images and show us all the found items in order to allow us to recover them.

Then we are going to explain how to retrieve data with this tool.

How to retrieve photos and videos with DiskDigger

To be able to recover your deleted files, the first thing you must do is download and install this application for free from the official store of Google, the Play Store.

WP-Appbox: DiskDigger retrieves photos (free, Google Play) →

Once downloaded run it. Although the application can run without root permissions, we will get better results, and, in addition, you can search data even on the internal partitions of the operating system.

DiskDigger Android - Root

Then we will see the main screen of the program.

DiskDigger Android - Tipos escaneo

In it we will be able to choose two types of scans:

  • Basic scan: allows us to find photos and videos on the most frequent routes where Android keeps this content (DCIM, WhatsApp, etc).
  • Scan full storage: analyzed sector-to-sector storage system-wide in search of the data that we indicate (just pictures, photos and videos, or another type of file (available in the Pro version)).

To perform the retrieval of photographs click on the “Basic scan” button and wait until the program finishes with its analysis, which will take several seconds. Once this is done, the program will show us all the results in a list with preview.

DiskDigger Android - Fotos para recuperar

Select the files that you want to recover and click on ‘Recover’ from the top of the screen. DiskDigger will ask where you want to save the data:

  • In the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).
  • Save the data in an internal location (a card micro-sd, for example).
  • In a server FTP.

DiskDigger Android - Ruta donde recuperar fotos

We look forward to the completion of the chosen option and we will have back our lost data. If you do not find the photo for this first basic option we can try the “full scan”, since this full analysis will find many more content in any path to the device.

DiskDigger also has with a version Pro that offers a series of functions and features additional as the possibility of recover virtually any file (not only photographs and videos in MP4, as in the version Free) and the possibility of load them data directly to a server FTP instead of recover them to the memory of the device.

DiskDigger Android - Tipos de archivos a recuperar Pro

As we can see, an application as simple as practice thanks to which we will not run out of our data in case of losing them because of a problem or failure, both our device.

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