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How to record videos on Pokémon GO from your mobile Android

Pokemon GO despite the descent of players with which has had that deal the last month, still maintaining almost intact its power of call and expectation between million of players in all the world. Niantic has thoroughly dealt with I not be able to extract too much multimedia material of the development of the games. And obviously, there are alternatives to this, as that going to tell today who searched and that allows us to record videos of our games with the help of a computer and a very interesting application. We are going to see how we can record videos in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO continues offering news of greater or less Openwork, as for example the new system of security that us goes to force to update our copy of Pokemon GO to to continue playing.

Many we would record our battles on video, then review them and analyze what we’ve done right or wrong, or simply to hesitate to our friends showing off a rare Pokémon capture.

How record videos on Pokemon GO

As you know Niantic does not permit the use of applications that may offer features such as which we seek today, always under the threat of banning of our account many flee try any invention. How to record videos of Pokémon Go has its pros and cons.

grabar vídeos en Pokémon GO

Favor we can engrave any time of our departure and do not need to be root, against, that we need to have a PC around, a laptop that accompany us on our trips in search of Pokemon. The application is called Apowersoft Android Recorder, and allows us to record everything that happens on our mobile video. To make it only have to follow the following steps:

  1. Your mobile phone must have 5.0 Android Lollipop or higher
  2. Download Apoewersoft Android Recorder from here
  3. Run it on your computer
  4. Activate Google Cast, if we don’t have it we can download it from the link at the end of the page
  5. While play slip the menu above and click on “Cast” or “send”
  6. We will see in them devices available our computer, click on it to connect
  7. We started to record

WP-Appbox: Google Cast (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Apowersoft Screen Recorder (free, Google Play) →

Within the application for Apoewersoft Android Recorder PC we will be able to edit the recording preferences, such as the quality of the video output or audio file, as well as the route on your computer where you want to save the video. As we say is a method with their pros and cons, but it responds to the question of how videos at Pokémon GO.

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