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How to perform advanced configuration of Honor 8, customization, and tricks

Our protagonist of today is the Honor 8 one of the best smartphones within the range medium-high. Let’s start by discussing the characteristics of Honor 8 so that you may know of that offers you this device. Then pass to make it configuration advanced of the Honor 8 so can customize it and I will show you some trick.

Characteristics of Honor 8.

It Honor 8 has an IPS display of 5.2 inches and FullHD resolution, offering a density of 423 points per inch.

Performance is good, as CPU has the Kirin 950 and has an ARM Mali GPU-T880. It is a processor with eight cores and 64-bit architecture.

An of the peculiarities of the Honor 8 is the adoption of a camera with dual lens. A technology to capture the most vivid hues in color, but also the finer details through a sensor in black and white.

diseños honor 8

In terms of the software is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the custom GUI EMUI 4.1.

The configuration advanced of the Honor 8.

For this article I have me based on work that I found on the Forum of MovilZona in. You going to offer a small summary and to the end you leave the link full of the manual. In this case I recommend reading since the topic is treated in more detail.

Before start should have made a settings initial of the Honor 8. By this I mean that before you’ll have done some efforts:

  1. Select region and language.
  2. Configure a Wi-Fi network.
  3. Put a Google account.
  4. Set security parameters.

Honor 8 Advanced settings would start entering settings.

la configuración avanzada del Honor 8 Ajustes

An important element to customize is the style of main screen to select the startup mode for our smartphone.

la configuración avanzada del Honor 8 Inicio

We have two styles to choose from:

  1. Standard: is what I recommend because it is that most Android looks like stock.
  2. Simple: it is a different, unusual style, tend to like more people little accustomed to use smart phones.

In settings, notifications and status bar Panel. Down in paragraph percentage of battery you have two options to choose, choose which you like.

la configuración avanzada del Honor 8 batería

Then we will go to intelligent assistance and click on scheduled power on/off.

la configuración avanzada del Honor 8 Asistencia inteligente

This option serves for our smartphone turns off one hour and turn to another.  Personally it reminds me of the options that I had my old Nokia.

All this and much more you can find it in the manual for a Honor 8 Advanced settings: Customizing and tricks. If you have any questions you can leave it on the Forum or in the comments.

The article how to Honor 8, customization, and tricks Advanced Setup was published in MovilZona.

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