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How to measure the temperature of the CPU on your Windows 10 tablet

Although it is a seasonal question (in summer the temperature will always be higher), the excessive heat in our mobile devices is often a symptom that something is not working as it should. There are numerous forms of have more or less controlled the degrees to which works a terminal Windows 10, tablet or laptop, and it most only require of a small installation. Today we speak of our favorite: Core Temp.

In the last months and since the summer generates enough doubts in relation to these issues, have published ones few themes related with the temperature and the load of tablets and Mobile Android. Today, however, we spent a Windows 10 to evaluate one of the best options in this platform. Core Temp is a little intrusive and lightweight application which, precisely, will not make self-cumplica prophecy nor will put stress on the terminal, but that carry out measurement of the temperature of the CPU at all times, without interfering in it.

Core Temp: download, installation and selection of language (Spanish)

At the time of get this tool, not can but recommend you without limitation, that it do of form direct from the web of the developer. Here’s the link. It is a free, lightweight development and which is installed with complete safety. While it is only in English and four more game starting languages, however, a small adjustment will leave most of its interface in Spanish, once the application is installed.

app medir temperatura tablet en español

To change the language, we should just open Core Temp, click Options > Settings and select the drop-down, after Language, Spanish. That will serve for to navigate through the interface and configure the tool to our taste where want make some change or measurement specific. To understand the basic of this application so only need know it following…

How to interpret the temperature of our tablet or notebook

The interface of the Core Temp is as basic as easy to understand:

tablet windows 10 se calienta

In it we find a first part with data processor, model, number of cores, frequency, etc. However, the second part readings of temperature of the processor is that we are interested in. There are three data for each core of the CPU (two cores in my case): the current temperature, the minimum and the maximum that has marked the equipment while working. If all is in order the data by default we will be in black. If, the heat is something excessive, those degrees will have color yellow and Red if the temperature can put in risk the integrity of the device.

The section TJ. Max gives us important information: the most high temperature at which the CPU can work, set by the manufacturer. If we come to that figure, even 10 or 20 degrees below is it is something operating abnormally.

The article how measuring the temperature of the CPU on your Windows 10 tablet was published in TabletZona.

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