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How to measure objects with the iPhone’s camera

Imagine that you are at home, or anywhere else and for personal or work reasons need to know the dimensions of a particular object. A rule or a meter are not classic pans that we usually have on hand, so thanks to the application ViusalRuler for iOs can muddle through and measure any object through your iPhone camera.

Within the vast catalogue of apps in App Store hides this app to measure objects using your iPhone’s camera. As already mentioned, it is called VisualRuler and provides the user with a decent estimate of the dimensions of an object. Simply use the smartphone’s camera to measure the dimensions of the object that is focusing.

C on the end of do that work, there are that give you to the application a point of reference for to identify the scale with which is is working. Since all credit cards are of the same size is a good reference object to measure an object with your iPhone camera.

iPhone 5s

Although the application instructions say that the photograph that is taken is not rise anywhere from the internet without the user’s knowledge, po added security, you can cover your card details before making the photograph, because only its dimensions are needed.

How to measure objects with the iPhone’s camera?

If you want to measure objects with your iPhone’s camera first you have to download the application (the download link can be found at the bottom of this article). Once downloaded and installed, run it and take a picture of the object you want to measure with any type of card. VisualRuler will automatically detect the size Dela card, even if you don’t like the result of the screening, the reference rectangle can be reset.

In this way you can get more than successful results, although approximate, of the dimensions of a particular object. One more tool that interesting when you need to measure an object, and if you don’t have measuring instruments by hand, can make use of the iPhone’s camera to take yourself out of the predicament.

VisualRuler is available for iOS by 1.99 euros. Android does not have the same application allowing to measure objects with the iPhone’s camera, but yes has any alternative as it can be Viewlers Free Digital Ruler, a very similar application VisualRuler that allows to measure different objects based on the dimensions of other utensils in measured previously.

WP-Appbox: VisualRuler – turns your iPhone into ruler (€1,99, App Store) →

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