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How to install Android 7 on Samsung Galaxy S6

One of the most famous mobile in Samsung’s history has been the Galaxy S6. This mobile, next to the Edge S6, resulted in a change of design in the company that made him go to best. This mobile was presented at MWC in 2015, and since then, the design of Samsung has been characterized by it. Today, we bring you a trick for this mobile, and How to install Android Samsung Galaxy S6 7 thanks to LineageOS.

One of the most important companies in the territory of ROMs was CyanogenMod, but decided to dissolve it for various reasons, and when LineageOS took his reveal as a developer’s ROMs. The ROM that I have brought today is of this company, and according to the opinions that you have, works pretty well to still not be in a final phase, so let’s start with the topic.

Install Android 7 on Samsung Galaxy S6

This solo version is available for the flat version in the Samsung Galaxy S6. To begin the installation, you will first have to download the corresponding ROM, LineageOS Android 7.1.1. After this, will have that make a backup or copy of security of your Samsung Galaxy S6, since in the process, is deleted all the data.

Android 7 en el Samsung Galaxy S6

Requirements to make this installation is to have activated in the options of developer debugging USB, the phone is rooted and carrying TWRP or CWM recovery and charged more than 60%. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 to the phone and copy the zip file from the ROM on the phone.
  • Disconnect the mobile and turns off the mobile.
  • Start mode recovery on your phone by pressing and holding the volume key +, the Home button, and the button at the same time.
  • We proceed to perform all actions of wipe data, wipe cache, dalvik and Format System wipe…
  • When you have formatted the system, go again to the recovery menu and look for the folder where you copied the zip file. Select it and start the process.
  • Reset your mobile with the reboot option. The first time takes a long time, so be patient.

These were the steps to install Android 7 for Samsung Galaxy S6 with LineageOS ROM. It must be said that this ROM is not official, so it may have errors or failure, and if you’re willing to try it under their own account and risk, we recommend that you do not ignore you the first step of the backup.

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