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How to install Android 7 in OnePlus X with LineageOS

Increasingly, the issue of updates brings more news, since all users, with the passage of time, dare to root their devices just to have the latest update of Google, in this case Android 7.0 Nougat, and today, we are going to teach how to install Android 7 in OnePlus X thanks to the latest ROM from LineageOS.

LineageOS is, currently, an of the best ROMs and more rapid in do get to their devices the last version of Android. We have to remember that this company, formerly CyanogenMOD, but due to various reasons, had to disappear. Long ago, also discussed the exact differences between LineageOS and CyanogeMOD, seeing in video as it has changed from year to year the ROM.

Install Android 7 in OnePlus X

We know that OnePlus is one of the best firms that are now on the market. We have seen how it has evolved to make very good mobile from the OnePlus One for almost three years, to the OnePlus 3T, which came out three months ago. Between, we also saw a device that was not designed to high-end, OnePlus X. A terminal that had specifications of high end of last year that came out, a design very premium, thus renewing the company here, and a layer of customization, based on 6.0 Android Marshmallow, which worked really well. The problem is that, as already confirmed the company, this terminal not is was to update to the last version of Android, so I bring the method more simple for install Android 7 in the OnePlus X.

Android 7 en el OnePlus X

You have to have a few requisitiso to install this ROM of Android 7 on your mobile. First, you have to download from their official website, the ROM you want and Google Apps. The nightly is updated daily as than the other does not. You have to have on your device, some kind of recovery, as a TWRP. Now, you can start to install this version:

  • OnePlus X connected to the computer, and copy the zip file you’ve downloaded ROM LineageOS.
  • Disconnect the phone, turn it off, and started in recovery mode.
  • We carry out all the actions related to the wipe, the wipe data, wipe cache and other. Then format the system.
  • Once formatted, we have to give again, recovery menu and go to the folder where we copied the zip of the LineageOS ROM.
  • Select it and follow the process. Once finished, restart reboot mobile.
  • From now on, we have to do is wait, since the first time takes a long time to turn on.

These were the steps to install Android 7 in OnePlus X thanks to the latest ROM from LineageOS. We hope that they have served you this tutorial, and will try to do more tutorials on how to install Android 7 in other mobiles.

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