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How to do a Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy S6 if it has been “frozen”

Long time Samsung has eliminated the possibility of removing the battery in their new terminals. This feature ends with the possibility of extracting the component when the smartphone is frozen for any reason. Fortunately, there is a way to “reset” the device without having to remove the battery and so we can do a Soft Reset.

As already know, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the terminals of the company that in a future close will receive the update to Android Nougat. Not in vain the smartphone is still one of the devices chosen by users at the time of change of mobile and boast excellent capabilities device. However, on occasions, the Samsung Galaxy S6 or another model of the company can be “frozen” with the resulting shock for the user.

If you turn off the device is not a solution, always you can “reset” the device by performing a Soft Reset. The fact of performing a Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy S6 does not mean that we we will lose the data stored in the terminal, since to do so would have to do a Hard Reset. Just “rebooted” the software configurations that have given rise to the Samsung Galaxy S6 is frozen.

Soft Reset on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Reset a Samsung Galaxy S6 when is freezes is a process extremely simple and, to the contrary of what many think, not require develop a complex process in that the will have to access to the menus hidden of the terminal. In fact, to solve this problem simply press a combination of buttons for a short period of time.

Thus, to perform a Soft Reset on the Samsung Galaxy S6 you will have to press at the same time, the volume, the power button down button and the Start button of the smartphone from Samsung (i.e. all buttons physical terminal with the logical exception of button up volume, because as you all know it is impossible to raise and lower the volume at the same time).

Soft Reset galaxy s6

Now you will have to keep these 3 buttons pressed at the same time for at least 10 seconds. If your smartphone was “frozen” or locked you will see as automatically and after Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy S6 screen shuts off and the phone will restart after a few minutes, allowing the device to be used again as if nothing had happened.

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