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How to create movies with Facebook Slideshow using your photos and videos

If you are one of those who actively use the multimedia part of Facebook and upload a day more than five photos with the new Facebook Slideshow feature already you can hop a mini-movie to get some fun and dynamic presentations or see what your friends have created on their own.
In this social network, there are who uses them at the mega-basico level, just to send four messages and check their status, and who enjoys making you all the functions that offer, as the multimedia part of uploading photos and videos at times as we are, summer, multiply with images of events in the beach travel, festivals, etc. And Facebook is always a favorite for such task.


So what I would sound to upload to Facebook content multimedia like photos and videos in a different way, as a minipelicula with all kinds of transition effects and presentation? Since it is possible with the Slideshow, the same function that was announced in August of last year as part of the app to share photos call Moments, and entered a phase of beta in December.

How does it work? So very simple. The first requirement is that we have taken a minimum of five photos or videos with your smartphone in a 24 h period., i.e., during the whole day. If we want to post a status, Facebook app will suggest creating a Slideshow, a presentation of those images and videos already published as a mini-movie thanks to the amount of various filters and options that we can use when creating it. The function can also be activated when we are seeing the slideshow from a friend, because that will be shown an option that we will invite you to try it for ourselves.

Filters and music

When creating a slideshow, it is as simple as placing a filter to an image in Instagram, since function allows us to choose between ten types of transitions and thematic styles pre-configured each with their own music and effects of transition/presentation called Nostalgic, Playful, Night Out, Birthday, Epic, Thankful, Tropical, Bollywood and Amped.

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