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How to create and use a restore point to your PC or tablet Windows 10

Them users of Windows 10 in tablet and PC have of a resource called point of restoration that deserves the penalty know since, in occasions, can get us free of a trouble. In the following article we teach what is, what it is, how to create and how to return to it, while we value other possible options, perhaps more practical for similar problems.

Are going to take as reference for this guide the option of point of restoration in Windows 10, however, since is a tool with which is operates in the desktop classic, its realization is very similar in the versions immediately previous (Windows 7, 8, etc.).

What is a restoration of the system on Windows 10?

When the system, after the installation of code defective (already is application or driver), that plays any part important of the software, begins to give problems, the restoration us will serve to return to a State previous in which the wrong still not is had produced.

10 Windows creates restore points, sometimes periodically, if we have this option enabled by default, or when we are going to carry out updates moderately sensitive. However, we ourselves can generate these points whenever we create necessary, saving the settings, applications , and system files that are running in the terminal at that very moment.

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As we say, is especially useful for that: imagine that you have installed a driver and the system has become unstable. Just go back to a point prior to the installation and the problem is solved. Delete this driver does not always works, there may be files that are damaged.

How does the restoration to my personal files? and my applications?

A point of restoration is different from a back-up, since not create copy of them files personal. Yes (pictures, videos, documents, etc.) content will remain the same as before performing a restore. As we say, this affects applications and system tools.

However, uses if that will be the same as at the time that the restore point was created. All those which we have installed after generating control disappear to return to it. That is precisely its function, undo a problem that created by inserting software new in the tablet or the PC.

Windows configurar proteccion

Windows explicitar√° what are specifically those applications that van to appear and disappear to the take to perform the restoration. Some of them will even return to be complete to restore until we have not released them for the first time and your “installers” is put in place.

On the other hand, this option also will serve to eliminate viruses or malware, since such elements tend to hide in different sections of the system. An antivirus will be, in this case, the best remedy.

How to enable automatic restore points and or create them at a certain time

In some teams this option comes enabled by default, in others will have that put it to run manually. The place where manage these themes it will find writing “point of restoration” in the bar of search lower. There you will see if the local disk has the creation of these controls activated or not.

Windows 10 Crear punto de restauracion

When it is disabled you click on it, then click the Configure button and then activate system protection.

WIndows 10 proteccion del sistema para disco

If we want to create one just have enabled this option, simply click on create.

Carry out a system restore

In that same menu we find the button System Restore. After that, will show us recent points catering and events successive which have failed to affect the performance of our terminal with Windows 10. The question is to find a sufficiently old as to that moment what does not work well it had not been installed.

We can scan the restore point to learn more about apps installed now and then, and find the origin of potential problems. Once you have chosen the right point, it is enough to give Next and thus begin the process.


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