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How to change the DNS of the Internet on iOS and Android

Today we bring you a good and bad news. The bad news is that the clients of the operator Jazztel have been left without Internet by an incidence at your service with the DNS, as reported from ADSLZone. The good news is that, if you have this problem on your mobile, both Android and iOS, there is a solution to be able to fix it the easy, simple and fast as possible.

This problem that is affecting to all them customers of Jazztel with their DNS is can fix of a way easy, and with these steps can return to navigate without any problem if you are of this operator. Us us will focus in how solve it in the mobile, but if also have problems in the fiber of House, here have a guide with all what there that know to change the DNS in the PC, and a list with them best. You can also advise go through this article on DNS Helper of the companions of RedesZone, a program that made the process even easier.


How change the DNS, tutorial for iOS and Android

Both Android and iOS have to change the DNS and replace with those of Google, which are ( and Follow the steps below to reach on your mobile site where you can change it. This problem you are targeting to solve the problem is having Jazztel with his incidiencia, but are apparently already fixing it. Even so, for future occasions, this is the form more easy to change the DNS and fix it if return to have problems.


  • Settings
  • Connection wireless
  • Vigi
  • Menu / advanced
  • Modify network
  • Enable advanced options
  • Choose IP static
  • Modify DNS and save


  • Settings
  • Vigi
  • On the network connected, click on the “i”
  • Change the DNS

Still, Jazztel has not ruled on this bug, but we have brought you the easiest solution we have found to this problem, which is operated to most users. We will see if in the coming hours the operator manages to fix this issue or issues an alternative solution to fix it. At the moment, the problem seems it is resolving so perhaps now you don’t have to follow these steps to fix the problem of Jazztel. Just in case, keeps this information if in future it again the same problem, is with Jazztel or another operator.

The article how change the Internet DNS on iOS and Android was published in MovilZona.

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