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How to bring back the night mode on Android Nougat

Android 7.0 nougat Nougat is here to the delight of the many owners of a Google Nexus 6 p, a Google Nexus one Google Nexus 6 or 5 X. It system operating brings low the arm numerous and interesting news to them users, although by misfortune, already not is can activate the function of mode night secret that displaces the spectrum of color of the screen towards the side more warm.

And is that while the option of configure it by default and is not visible in the configuration menu user, Google if it allowed you to set the night on Android Nougat mode in its first beta. However, thanks to the Android community, there is a solution that allows you to activate the night mode on any device running the latest version of Android by means of an application.

As was of wait, the application that allows you to bring of turned the mode night to Android Nougat is called Night Mode Enabler. After launching the application, you’ll be asked permission for the notifications panel and then you can press the button “night mode” that appears in the notifications panel.

modo nocturno android n

The application is completely free and compatible, as not could be of another way, with the last version of the system operating from Google, although also is compatible with versions previous of the firmware.

WP-Appbox: Night Mode Enabler (for free, Google Play) →

Night mode will revert to Android Nougat?

As we can read in the article that once drafted our TableZona colleagues, despite the fact that it was adding in the various previews, night in Android Nougat mode was ruled out in the final version of the software. The reason for eliminating this feature lies in the high consumption of battery consuming the terminal to have enabled this option, it was decided to do without it rather than put at risk the battery in Android Nougat. On the other hand, activation, could cause malfunctions in terminals translated in some applications unexpected closures or the slowing down of the software itself.

Since users welcomed the incorporation of the night mode, it is expected that since Google is working on bringing back this function in the successive revisions of the operating system, but today we don’t have more details on the subject and all of this does not cease to be speculation.

Will we see the night mode on Android 7.1?

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