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How to block the use of other functions and applications when you lend your iPhone

For better or for worse, nowadays no can trust everyone around us, is whatever the circle to which they belong. Friends, family and coworkers, all may arise a situation in which we pay them iPhone for some reason, either temporarily or more permanently. And you never know if by mistake or with all the intention will explore other areas of our iPhone with which we did not to be accessed. Today we explain how we can limit the use of certain functions and areas of the iPhone.

Provide the iPhone even just so someone can see a video, image or any other content can be assumed to open the possibility that this interact in other areas of the terminal and get to know some data private phone. Own iOS quite unknown integrates an option to limit the use of certain areas of the phone.

Limits the use of the iPhone when you lend

It is curious how iOS hides functions like this, aimed at a limited use of iPhone by other persons who can lend temporarily. The way of getting this is through the access guided that integrates the system operating from Apple. This access guided is can activate through the settings of iOS, in a paragraph that we can find in the menu accessibility. To activate it we can assign a password so that only we can turn it on or turn it off at a certain point, although we can also use this mode without assigning a password.

acceso guiado en iPhone

Once the mode is active we can access a series of tabs that you can click or not to enable or disable the use of certain areas of the iPhone. Some of them many options that us offers activate the access guided are disable them buttons physical of volume, the button home, the keyboard of the iPhone, certain applications, impose a limit of time and an option very important, disable the screen touch during the time that pay the iPhone, this will prevent that the person receiving of the mobile not can so even press anything on the screen without our authorization or knowledge.

acceso guiado iPhone

It is certainly a good choice native iOS that allows us to customize its use and limitations when other people are those that manipulate it, usually with good intentions, but you never know with whom we can encounter and their intentions.

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