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How to avoid notifications interrupting our games in iOS

Thanks to our smartphone and tablet notifications we can easily know where some applications such as instant messaging or social networks customers, require our attention. However, one of the most annoying things is that while we are using the device for other tasks, like playing, these applications start to show ads on the screen and the device starts to ring and vibrate, making us lose concentration and stop enjoying what they were doing, for example, play.

Long ago, iOS includes a mode called “do not disturb” that allows us to silence all of these warnings so that nothing we disturb while we sleep, or, for example, as we have said, while we are playing, listening to music or watching a movie on our device.

Then we will see how to configure this mode will help us to avoid these warnings when we don’t want them.

Sets up and activates the do not disturb mode of iOS to notifications not interrupt our game

To set this mode, enable it manually and even set it to be activated at specific times, all we need do is open iOS setting menu and look for the section “Do not disturb“. Click on it and we will see a number of options such as the following.

Modo No Molestar iOS

Here, the main options that you can configure are:

  • Manual: us allows to activate this mode manually.
  • Scheduled: it allows us to set a start time, and the other end to this mode is automatically activated in the time slot.
  • Allow calls: allow us to choose if we want some calls we interrupt to be “urgent”.
  • Repeated calls: allows you to configure if we want to make a call in less than three minutes sound anyway.
  • Silence: it allows us to choose if we want to thus apply always or only when the device is locked.

From here, we should only activate the “Manual” option and will see how appears us next to the time, a moon-shaped icon. This indicates that the do not disturb mode is activated and that notifications will not bother us.

Activate the do not disturb mode manually while playing

Is possible that, without give us has, already have entered to the game and not have activated manually the mode of not disturbing in iOS, risking us to any notification us appears in the part superior while play or see a film in our iPhone or iPad.

Fortunately, the latest versions of iOS have a drop-down menu at the bottom that you can quickly activate this mode without having to get out of the game or application that you are using. To do this, we simply slide the screen from the bottom up and see how this new menu appears.

Menú opciones en juego iOS

Click on the Moon icon and will automatically activate the mode do not disturb IOS, avoiding that notices disturb us, until we deactivate it.

We must remind ourselves, once finished playing, disable the “do not disturb mode” in a way that, when we receive any notification, continue receiving it without problems and do not lose, for example, a call or an important message by having indicated to iOS that we didn’t want to bother us while we missed a game to our favorite game.

Disable application notifications forever

Much more radical for this same Alternatively disable all applications notifications one by one. In this way, instead of silencing them when manually activate the “Do not disturb” mode, these never appear, avoiding distractions, but do not notify us whenever we receive any notification.

To do this, we don’t have rather than go to the I peuples settings and find the application you want to configure in the list. Click on it and look at their options, including notifications.

Opciones de apps en iOS

Click on the notifications and a new screen where you can change the type of notice that we want to show us and, if necessary, even turn them off completely by turning off the switch “Allow notifications” making these don’t appear anymore will open us.

Configurar notificaciones de apps en iOS

In this way, the notifications will be disabled completely, though, remember that this can make us lose any important notice.

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