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How to avoid Google read our data in ads

Advertising is the essential tool of monetization in the network. And Google one of the Giants in terms of marketing techniques. But always with the idea that the user can customize their own experience, the company offers us the option customize or ‘depersonalize’ ads that is going to send, leaving to read data from your personal account or blocking his access to them.
Born as a search engine that became immensely popular, and today turned into a multinational giant with presence in different markets, Google based good part of their revenue on advertising. And whenever we use a product from them, whether on PC, mobile or any other device, we are accustomed to the theme of your ads or ads that often come to ‘custom’, i.e., teaching us products based on items such as our history search and management of their services.

La publicidad, fuente de ingresos

Impersonal ADS

But if we have always felt uncomfortable with the idea that cotillee us data from an account that is private, and if we want to ‘depersonalize’ experience and that the advertisements are not based on our interests, Google has released a tool to allows the user to control this function, and connect / disconnect when pleasure. Google shows ads in many places, but they are divided into two basic categories:

  • Ads on Google’s services (e.g., search Google, YouTube…).
  • Advertisements appearing in the more than two million web sites and applications that are not Google and are associated with Google to display ads.

Hub de Configuración de Anuncios

The personalization of ads controlled Google ads when you are logged into your Google account. Applies to all browsers and devices that we know that it has logged. To remove only need to enter our Google account > personal information and privacy (right in the Centre of the screen) > ads configuration > manage the ads preferences tool, and within this we will see right at the beginning a switch ignition / shutdown with which we can remove our data access. It’s that easy.

You can also customize parameters such as the themes Topic that Google thinks that we could be interested, changing them by hand if we agree or not. If you want to help in a way more custom, the Google support site have form done for the systems iOS, Android, browsers on computers or browsers within mobile apps.

Botón de acceso - no acceso a anuncios personalizados

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