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How to access your iPhone desktop without leaving an application

iOS is a very solid operating system and is characterized by its closed ecosystem that limits and many intrusions in it. This is has reproached sometimes, since the result is that it is not easy to customize the operation of the system if we don’t resort to a jailbreak. A process that us allows access to applications as which are going to meet today, that us allows access to the desktop of the iPhone without leave of an application, something to our reach provided have of Cydia in the terminal.

It jailbreak and Cydia us allow add functions to the iPhone that normally not are available in iOS, as in the case of this other tutorial that you detail makes some weeks, and that us allows access to them photos of the reel of the iPhone from the same screen of lock.

With this other tweak from Cydia that we bring you today we will be able to access the desktop of iPhone without exiting an application.

The desktop of the iPhone always to hand

In order to enjoy this tweak from Cydia we need obviously to jailbreak on the iPhone, allowing us to enter the alternative repository and download RiftBoard, which will allow us to this interesting feature in Apple’s operating system.

If you have already passed 10 iOS, you will have to wait for any scene iOS developer to release a public jailbreak for this release version, because at the moment it has not any. We focus on what we are interested in, RiftBoard allows access to the desktop of the iPhone without having to leave an application, literally. Because when we use this tweak, the application is in the background, with a fade and look blurry to give prominence to the desktop of our iPhone appearing in the foreground.


To access the desktop from an application we must before configuring a gesture in Activator to run this tweak, this form can be in an application, make the gesture, go to the desktop, do a search or browse the folders of the iPhone or iPad and return to the application in which we found ourselves. It is certainly a very interesting tweak, you can see a small step in the attached animated picture. RiftBoard is 8 iOS and iOS 9 compatible and is available in Cydia priced at 1.99 euros.

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