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How the phablets market behave in 2017?

As we have mentioned on other occasions, in consumer electronics, changes can occur almost in an unexpected way and disrupt the predictions from manufacturers and other players in the sector in a short space of time. A example can see it in the format tablet, where is envisaged a growth sustained in the time since the irruption of this format of way definitive on 2010 and that however, already carries dragging more than two years of falls. These circumstances give that think about how successful or predictions about the behavior of the market not only in the case of larger stands, but also in other devices used on a daily basis that cannot be.

While 2017 finish booting, specialized consultancies have already done their balance sheets on which way could take the sector in some media such as the of the phablets making use of existing from prior years and taking as reference other aspects such as longer life of own terminals, or the economic situation of the regions that normally thrown away sales and guarantee good results in economic companies. Today you will have with more detail what is the behavior that is expected for them smartphones of greater size and, as will see in the following lines, seems that them brands that bet by this type of models it will have more easy.

mate 9 phablets

Where are efforts focusing currently?

While in the land of them phones mobile in sense strict, found thousands of models of all them sizes and prices that van from which cost ones few euros to which exceed them 1,000 and whose dimensions cover from them 4 inch approximately until others that almost is approach to the format tablet and haunt them 7 It is true that in recent months, through all the devices you have been submitting, we have seen how to follow two trends.

More than 5.5 inch smartphones are gaining ground, finding even a series of signature models launch that they exceed 6, and on the other hand, a commitment of companies towards the creation of more exclusive terminals that however, in some cases do not have a prohibitive cost. The mid-range is becoming on the battlefield by offering powerful and competitive phablets and in it, the Asian companies continue to have an important role.

vivo phablets carcasas

What demands the public?

Traditionally, them uses more extended of them smartphones from the thickness of them users, is on the one hand, the Navigation and the use of networks social, and by another, the reproduction of content audiovisual of all type. This has given place to it long of them last years, the preferences of them consumers have gone towards the acquisition of models of greater dimensions, what has had as consequence that the number of terminals of more than 5.5 inch available in the market, is increase progressively. As designated our companions of MovilZona, a major panel, is seen as something that offers best experience of use.

So, how will be 2017?

According to data from several consulting firms like Flurry, and such and as they return to pick up sites like MovilZona, this year, the sector of the phablets will rotate around two axes: increasing widespread number of smartphones sold, and on the other hand, greater penetration of the terminals of large size in the overall results. As you can see in the chart below, in the second quarter of 2017, 59% of all existing mobile will belong to this format, in contrast to 36% from just a year ago. In the case of tablets of smaller dimensions, the figure will remain unchanged.

phablets cuotas

A road without obstacles?

While broadly speaking, data is available so far reflect a positive market performance, this hides a great number of nuances that may end up complicating things. Firstly, it can not speak of this positive trend as something widespread, since, as usual, some brands will have more advantage than others and this will end up affecting quarterly profits when they are presented. On the other hand we have a fragmentation that can be harmful if we bear in mind that we can currently find a wide range of models that can cause indecision among the public and also, an increase in competitiveness that’s resulting in one even greater frequency of releases, translated in more unstable terminals and of poorer quality.

After knowing what could be the market behavior in 2017, do you think that limits should be established in regards to the manufacture of larger devices and that they can sacrifice the convenience of the public and especially, the management thereof to offer larger panels? Do you think that it is happening a convergence between formats that will result in the creation of large devices that end up displacing others already consolidated in the future? You have available more information as for example, the characteristics of some of the larger phablets that we can find today so that you can say to yourselves.

The article would behave the phablets market in 2017? It was published in TabletZona.

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