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How see the cavalcade of Kings from the mobile with these applications

Came the day more exciting of the year for them more small, and why not, also for the more big of the House. The night of Kings is an of which more illusion awake in all the year, because precedes to the rain of gifts that distributed their Majesties during the morning. And so children can enjoy its presence newcomers from the East, what better way to enjoy the Parade of the three kings from anywhere, thanks to our mobile and these applications.

He huge team of pages and assistants with which have them Reyes magicians les allow to these do is with them gifts of them children until few hours before reaches the dawn and begin your journey by the geography Spanish. So still are in time of writing them your letter with all your wishes.

The Christmas parade of Madrid, Telemadrid and RTVE

Both the entity public to level State as autonomic will opt by retransmit live from them 18:20 hours it cavalcade of Reyes of Madrid, that a year more will take to their Majesties by them arteries main of the city, that is is completely seventy for the occasion.

WP-Appbox: Mobile RTVE (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: | Mobile (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: (free, Google Play) →

Cabalgata de Reyes

The Christmas parade of Barcelona, TV3

It city Condal also will be witness of the arrival of their Majesties to them streets of the city, to begin to distribute them million of gifts that already carry to loins of their dromedaries. In this occasion can see the cavalcade of Kings of Barcelona from the application of the channel autonomous Catalan, TV3. Also is you will see in the disconnection territorial of TVE in Catalonia, but not is safe that is can follow from the application of RTVE.

WP-Appbox: TV3 (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: TV3 (free, App Store) →

The Christmas parade in the rest of the autonomous communities

Obviously it is impossible to cover all the rides that will take place in our country this afternoon, which will promptly attend their Majesties, and which can be enjoyed both in major cities and in small towns. Each of the regional channels will offer the Christmas parade of the most representative of each autonomy capital, so you can follow them from these applications.

WP-Appbox: CRTVG (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: CRTVG informative and direct (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: RTPA (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: RTPA (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: EITB (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: EITB (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: Navarra TV (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Navarra TV (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: Aragon TV (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: Aragon TV (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Castile and Leon TV (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: cyltv (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: CMMedia (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Castilla the spot TV and radio (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: Canal Extremadura live (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: RTVC (free, App Store) →

As you can see are not all autonomies, since not all have or a regional channel, or simply have no application, in fact some have application in an operating system and not in the other, but as it is logical, everything what we can’t have.

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