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How root Huawei P9

A few weeks ago that Huawei P9 is among us and it has already become one of the smartphones best valued by the users. If you’re one of their lucky owners, will be glad to know that now you can unlock completely the device to take advantage of the terminal. If you have any questions, you then say how root Huawei P9.

Before proceeding with the process of rooted, as we always remember it is necessary to perform a backup of all your data and files to avoid possible unpleasant surprises and keep our content safe. Having more than 75% of battery also is a prerequisite before carrying out the process. We notice that MovilZona is not responsible if any harm on the device is generated during the process, then perform root is at your own risk.

huawei p9

Keep in mind that other prior to root Huawei P9 step is to unlock the Bootloader, so we have to ask for the code to Huawei by this website. For this you will need the model of phone, suIMEI, SN, and the Product ID. Then download this file

Root Huawei P9

Once we’ve unlocked the Bootloader already we can carry out the entire process for rooting Huawei P9. To do this we need to install Recovery TWRP.

  • Download this file and unzip it, then put it in the microSD card of your phone, if we install it in the root of the terminal will not work properly.
  • Down volume and power button Reset Huawei P9 mode fastboot, pulsadon at the same time.
  • Enter the extracted folder and run the file install-TWRP-HUAWEIP9.bat that is in the folder “step 1” to install TWRP.

After this step already only it we will have to install SuperSU to finish rooting Huawei P9.

  • We access the System Recovery by pressing up volume and power button at the same time.
  • Once inside, click on the Install option, select the SuperSU file, and install. We hope and the terminal will restart.

And ready, so already we have in our hands a fully unlocked Huawei P9.



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