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How quickly becomes the main characteristic of the Snapdragon 821

In July of this year Qualcomm officially announced its renewed range of processors Snapdragon 800 with Snapdragon 821 to the head. While its predecessor, the 820 Snapdragon is found in the vast majority of current high-end smartphones, many are already leaks that announce the emergence of its evolution, the Snapdragon 821, terminals that will be presented before the end of the year.

During the initial announcement Qualcomm detailed some of the benefits of the new CPU, but today, in the framework of the IFA in Berlin, has unveiled new details that characterize the processor. We must remember that although at the moment there are numerous leaks, ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe is the only confirmed smartphone which includes the 821 Snapdragon inside.

As part of today’s announcement, Qualcomm said three key areas in which the Snapdragon 821 will offer additional benefits that will improve the experience seen in the 820 Snapdragon. These areas would be improved overall user experience, higher levels of performance and power consumption and new features and functionalities.

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Speed and efficiency

The examples given to highlight the improvements over the Snapdragon 820 include an improvement of 10 per cent at the time of startup applications, a decrease of 10 percent in load times and user interface improvements in performance and optimization.

To this is you sum a 5 percent more than to speed of the GPU (thanks to the inclusion of it GPU Adreno of Qualcomm) and improvements in the capabilities of saving of energy. This last feature allows to them manufacturers follow presenting each time smartphone of a thickness more reduced without having that give to the life of battery.

Qualcomm also points out that using Snapdragon 821, the mobile phone manufacturers are able to offer consumers an experience much more immersive and attractive. A good example of this is the support of the company to the VR technology. He Snapdragon 821 in if same is capable of providing to them developers a set of tools oriented to it reality virtual as well as support for audio of high quality.

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