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How make that Pokemon GO to work in mobile some powerful

If have a mobile of last generation, enjoy of the phenomenon and make that Pokemon GO run not will be a problem, but there will be many users with a smartphone of benefits more limited and for them there is already a solution in form of app: DU Speed Booster.

Although it may not seem it, it is possible to improve the performance of a low-end terminal or that is rather limited in its performance in order to use applications that require something of more power, such as Pokémon GO. In this sense, what we have is to turn a performance optimizer such as DU Speed Booster, although not the only, we also have Greenify or Clean Master, which I have already spoken at some point.

Making Pokémon GO to work in mobile old or slow

And is that applications as Pokemon GO not only pull of the power of the processor or of the GPU, also keep up numerous sensors to the same time that make that them mobile with less resources is are in problems for to do that their users enjoy of it experience.

pantallas du Speed booster

Applications such as DU Speed Booster allows, among its functions, clean the terminal processes and files waste that are only hindering its operation. Is responsible for cleaning cache and other resources that keep busy elements as the RAM that is essential to be able to process all the information that need us to manage for make Pokémon GO work.

WP-Appbox: DU Speed Booster & optimizer (free, Google Play) →

But the function that makes special to this app and why we relate to her Pokémon GO is their “Game Booster”. This is a special menu that will allow us to streamline processes so all the performance of the terminal go to what interests us, run a particular game as it can be Pokémon GO.

The result, for example, us it show in Android L’autorithy with this video in which ones modest BLU HD R1, ones terminals of range of input of just 100 euros, show this difference of performance with and without the application running.

It is true that the performance difference is not overwhelming, but the computer that has the app’s optimization is shown much more agile at all times and capable of loading the game as well as the entire system much more efficiently.

Since Android Autorithy also discussed evidence in a Motorola Moto G, yes first generation, was satisfactory. Do not load the game to play it, more or less smoothly – that Yes, without possibility to use reality augmented.

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