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How keep sending the joke of the black of WhatsApp

That lift the hand the first that not have suffered in their meat the famous joke of the Black of Whatspp. Who not has open innocently a photography within the app of messaging to discover as actually is hiding this character characterized by its great organ player? WhatsApp is now taking letters on the issue to relegate to oblivion such images.

WhatsApp hides inside many tricks. On numerous occasions I have already talked about them, notably the possibility of hiding a rude or inappropriate image behind a picture preview in much more normal appearance. However the updates of the service will prevent continue catching unwary with this joke.

Goodbye to WhatsApp black jokes

Whatsapp wants to avoid by all means that users of the application are victims of jokes including surprises in bad taste for a large number of people. That is why from Facebook, the company behind whatsapp, have already hands to work to end as famous as the of the Black whatsappfakes.

Today same have warned that Whatsapp already limit to applications as Imagiapp or Z-Photo Fake, that allowed configure this type of contained for at the time of be sent through it application, the preview of the image hide the real scene listed as indecent, or inappropriate for certain public.

negro de whstapp

The new edition of the application system alters the image preview, so any user who receives this type of jokes on your terminal could guess what is hidden behind an apparent innocent photograph.

Even is possible

According to read in the web of our companions of the Android free, still is possible continue distributing by the service the famous joke of the Black of WhatsApp thanks to the use of applications present in Google Play Store as Photo Magic.

Simply use the application to “enlarge” the area of the image that would look at the preview of photography in WhatsApp, thus it would exceed limits allowing to hide our true intention behind this preview.

WP-Appbox: Photo Magic for WhatsApp (free, Google Play) →

However, it is expected that soon WhatsApp will also eliminate this possibility of your messaging application.

The article how continue sending the joke of the black of WhatsApp is published in MovilZona.

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