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How it works Spora, the Trojan, which has attacked thousands of terminals

As they deserve a mention all those advances that occur at the terminals in the field of security and privacy, for a better user experience without end up handicapped, it is also necessary to know all the possible not so beneficial elements and that not only affect devices, but thousands of users every day. When we talk about malware, we can refer to a wide variety of items such as Trojans, malicious or applications contained all that on occasions, not host virus in the strict sense but yes contain more advanced features that not only limited to infect a significant number of terminals.

Today we are going to talk about Spora, a new harmful object that appeared a few weeks ago but he is however, causing more than one headache for software developers and security experts from some regions such as Russia. During the following lines, we will tell you more on what is, what are its more negative aspects, its true impact rate and once more, how to try to prevent it. The appearance of all these elements is a new notice to them creators of them systems operating, apps and terminals must improve still more the protection of their models?

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Let memory

All existing malware families, Spora has been encompassed within the ramsonware. The most characteristic feature of this type of harmful elements is kidnapping them, after which, its creators require a payment to release to the terminals of the virus in question. Them unique problems not come of the made of that in occasions, the amounts ordered can be very high, but also because a terminal infected can stay unused and convert is in a hostage due to the lock of the system operating or to a lesser extent, of some functions Basic that prevent an operation normal.

How does Spora?

Detected in the middle of this month, the infection by this ramsonware is produced to the open files that have with them extensions PDF. HTA and DOC. HTA. These formats can expand the virus significantly since they are one of the most commonly used. In many cases, the content with these extensions are compressed. Through them, the attack is produced since while open for later execution, the malware starts to encrypt files essential for devices. Another of those traits more characteristic of Spora is the made of that not need be connected to Internet to spread is e infect more devices as will see forward.

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How is it spread?

Spora can operate while the computers are turned off while the user is running other tasks. The infection occurs mostly through the sending of emails. Does not require connection to the network, you need not direct contact with its creators to receive instructions, since you continue browsing the archives and only transferred to the hacker the information that it requires. Once the team already has this ramsonware, is gives users the option of choosing those files that want to save upon payment. If you want to release more content, they will have to pay more.

Who is most vulnerable?

At the moment, Spora is attacking thousands of terminals in Russia and East Asia. The first country was where it originated, is why in its initial versions it is in Russian. Japan is another country where they are reporting more cases and has already created a version in English of this element that would allow him to make the jump to other areas such as Europe or the United States, which have already jumped alerts since 2016, more than 35 million attacks occurred with ransomware with consequent data theft according to the specialized in cybersecurity IDtheftcenterportal. At the moment, most vulnerable to attacks of this ramsonware are desktops, laptops, and other formats that have the latest versions of Windows.

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How to prevent it?

As we remind you whenever you speak of viruses that can affect the devices that you use on a daily basis, common sense again to be the best weapon to fight against Spora. In this case the best preventive measures are not following Dodge applications that do not generate us confidence, but simply do not open those emails that come from institutions or contacts that are not in the directory of contacts and analyze all those messages that may contain attachments in formats that I mentioned at the beginning. On the other hand, a good antivirus will keep away the risk that may cause.

As have seen, them hackers not make distinctions of systems operating or devices at the time of create a great variety of elements harmful that can cause havoc important if not are prevented both by the developers as by those users. Would think that Spore will eventually jumping to others terminals or believe that in these cases, the role of them consumers is essential to avoid them attacks regardless of to where is directed? Have available more information related on others virus that in this case, are directed to Android to can know more about others objects harmful that have appeared in the last weeks.

The article thus works Spora, the Trojan that has attacked to thousands of terminals is published at TabletZona.

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