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How get you around the party to World of Warcraft Legion from the mobile

Yesterday same Blizzard threw around the world the latest installment of World Of Warcraft Legion, the new expansion of the RPG game online most famous of all time. They are millions of players that vibrate since yesterday with new content that will take us to a besieged lands of Azeroth, where we will have to repel the waves more lethal demonic. Let’s review the best apps for the universe of World Of Warcraft from your mobile phone.

World of Warcraft Armory

His name already says it all, this official application developed by Blizzard will allow us to connect to our World Of Warcraft account and see our characters, consult the team and statistics, access the ingame auction house, find information about characters, objects and brotherhoods, among others. A perfect application for when we have disconnected from the PC and want to continue charting our strategies within World Of Warcraft Legion.

World Of Warcraft Legion armeria

WP-Appbox: Heraldry of World of Warcraft (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Armory mobile of World of Warcraft (free, App Store) →

Azeroth encyclopedia

Another application that we advance much only with its name. It is a complete encyclopedia in the purest style of Wikipedia that describes all the terms you can think of the world of Warcraft. Dungeons, legendary objects, different continents, nothing escapes this complete encyclopedia of the exciting world of World Of Warcraft.

World Of Warcraft Legion enciclopedia

WP-Appbox: Azeroth encyclopedia (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Azeroth encyclopedia (free, App Store) →

WoW Professions

Although it is in English is a reference guide essential for those who want to learn more about the profession of his character. Or in another case we can serve for end of decant us by a u another profession after read the information so complete with that is described all them. Choose profession is a choice capital in World Of Warcraft that can mark us for always.

World Of Warcraft Legion profesiones

WP-Appbox: WoW Professions (free, Google Play) →

Battle.NET Authenticator

With the constant attacks by hackers that World Of Warcraft is exposed, it is very important to preserve the privacy of our account with the aim that anyone to impersonate our identity and can be done with our achievements in the game or any other fraudulent purpose. The application offers authentication of double factor to protect it all by what is is of an app that increases the security of our has and the authentication in she to not fall in hands not press.

World Of Warcraft Legion battle net autenticador

WP-Appbox: Battle.NET Authenticator (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Battle.NET Mobile Authenticator (free, App Store) →

Are four applications essential to enjoy a little more than World Of Warcraft Legion when we are away from the PC. With them our mobile can convert is in all an extension of the vast lands of Azeroth.

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