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How enjoy of the way a single hand on Google Nexus and Google Pixel

The team behind Pure Nexus, one of the most useful custom ROMs of the Scene Android, has just announced a new update that brings a header and a single hand mode options for users of Android Nougat. Latest update is directed to the version installed in the latest models of Nexus and Pixel Android 7.1.1, although some versions can be ported to other devices.

The project Pure Nexus has as objective provide stability and new features to the tablets and smartphones Google Nexus and Google Pixel. The idea is keep an interface it more close to a “Android pure” and add to the system the correction of errors found in the system operating from Google as well as different functions as the mentioned mode to a single hand.

According to a thread of Reddit, the new update brings a feature that allows to the users change the background of the header and adjust others elements. Users can change the number of rows in vertical and horizontal mode or add a header image personalized as well as add shading effects.  

One hand on google Nexus and Google Pixel mode

However, one of the main features of the new ROM of Pure Nexus is the possibility to take one hand Google Nexus and Google Pixel mode. This mode allows users to navigate through your phone using one hand, something truly useful in times where phones increasingly have a larger screen size. This provides that is easier to navigate through multiple applications and even respond to text messages to shrink the screen to a smaller interface.

The changelog of the new Pure Nexus update also adds new features of double-tap as well as the ability to hide the icon for saving data in the status bar and the VPN. We can also see how the icons for applications have been updated to the circular design, one of the main features of Android Nougat.

pure nexus rom

Download the latest ROM of Pure Nexus

The team that works in the project said that this update will work in Google Pixel and Pixel XL, but also is compatible with all the smartphones Nexus with Android 7.1.1 Nougat

Through it own page of the project Pure Nexus in Google Plus will find the latest ROMs available with the mode to a hand to them Google Nexus and them Google Pixel for them mobile with this system operating, i.e., Google Nexus 6, Google Nexus 6 p, Google Nexus 5 X, Google Pixel, Google Pixel Xl and Google Pixel C.

The article how enjoy of the mode a single hand in Google Nexus and Google Pixel is published at MovilZona.

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