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How database all the connections Wi-Fi and Bluetooth after formatting the mobile

If you’re accustomed to often change ROM on your phone you will have passed more than once how cumbersome that is to restore connections Wifi or Bluetooth to which we were connected before the entire process. Install a new ROM is often completely delete the terminal, and therefore existing connections. Today I have how we can restore the connections Wifi and Bluetooth after formatting the mobile or even when released one new.

It is one of the more uncomfortable aspects of operating system or released a new mobile phone, the loss of our connections Wi-Fi and pairing with other Bluetooth devices that we have.

How to restore Wifi and Bluetooth connections

Thank goodness that the scene behind Android is very active and is full of independent developers who think in such situations. And it is the case of this application that we are eco today and called “Pairs“. As its name indicates is oriented to can match our new device or the new ROM that have installed with our devices Bluetooth already the time restore all the connections Wifi that had stored previously in the earlier mobile or ROM.

Conexiones Wifi Pairs

In order to use Pairs need to be root, because the first thing that is going to ask for the application is the SuperSU permission. Once we can do a backup or backup of all our Wifi connections, both of our home or work, as all those who have memorized the phone during use. Once the backup we can move the contents of it to our microSD card and from there to your computer or any external storage element to restore them when necessary.

Conexiones Wifi pairs

Once we have installed the new ROM or premiered another mobile only have that install again Pairs and recover the backup that have copied of form external. Once we restore it again to enjoy all the Wifi connections known to date and all pairings that had our phone previously with other Bluetooth devices.

Conexiones Wifi pairs

No doubt an application that is going to save much time to be introducing again the connections manually. As is logical to the change of mobile or ROM is possible that some passwords or pairings not be restored correctly, but is a case quite unlikely.

Download Pairs (APK)

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