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How activate the Wi-Fi + to improve the connections of the mobile Huawei

The concept of being always connected from our smartphone is becoming more common. Normally, when we are in our House, we tend to be connected to our wireless network from which we can surf the Internet without any problem, however, when we left home, it is necessary that the phone is disconnected as soon as possible on the network and take the leap to mobile networks that allow us to keep connected while we travel or is a stroll down the street.

Also, with the high speeds of the Internet of today, each time is more usual that have in our House two or more points of access Wi-Fi, by what is necessary that our smartphone is capable of change of one to another depending on which is find more close and us provide it greater speed possible.

Although Android, by default, has with all these features, is certain that your operation can improve is. This is what it purports to do the Wi-Fi +, the tool that Huawei included for some time on their smartphones with EMUI to better control all aspects related to connectivity.

How activate (or deactivate) Wi-Fi + in a smartphone Huawei with EMUI

To activate this function, the first thing we need is a version of updated EMUI. The version 3.1 of this system operating not has with this function, and the first versions of the version 4.0 nor (unless in the most of them devices, although Huawei it has gone implementing through updates).

If we want to activate it, the first thing we have to do is access the menu of settings and press, in the first paragraph of connections, on “more“. In the new screen that we will be shown click on the first option, called Wi-FI + for access to this configuration.

Configuración redes Huawei EMUI
Configurar redes inalambricas Huawei EMUI

It first that will see will be a simple diagram of how works. Broadly speaking, this function will be responsible for monitoring the Wi-Fi connections, changing from one to another according to which greater signal have and, where there is free Wi-Fi available, switch to the data network to not lose connection in no time. Similarly, if we are connected to a data network and we are approaching an area with a known Wi-Fi network, wireless + will jump directly to that connection to save data.

Wi-FI+ Huawei EMUI

Then click on “Wi – Fi + settings” and will see a new screen with a switch.

Activar Wi-Fi+ Huawei EMUI

To activate this function, the only thing we have to do is to activate this switch so that it begins to automatically control the working of our connection.

Although initially there should be no problems with this configuration, some users say they have problems when changing a network to another while using it, even that sometimes, the operating system itself changes Wi-Fi data automatically due to Wi-Fi + does not consider that the connected network is of good quality.

In such cases, since the previous screen, simply we will deactivate this function switch to disable this feature and to make Android who check our connectivity as it has always done.

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