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How activate in Nova Launcher the menu Labs with features hidden

Nova Launcher is one of those quintessential application launchers. It is by his performance, but also by the huge amount of functions, tools and ability to customize your smartphone Android. As well, the developer of the app includes in Nova Launcher the menu Labs that hides functions hidden. Functions that are testing to add later, but still are not polished at all. Then, you show how activate said menu hidden.

We could say that you it’s a section that the developer wants to provide users with a mode of access to future new features that are in evidence. Thus, on the one hand, users can test them ahead of time and on the other firm has the ability to test and optimize these functions more effectively. A full-fledged Beta software program.

How activate the menu Labs in Nova Launcher

Very possibly not know of the existence of said menu, but there is for all that that wants to try them future developments of the Launcher of applications by excellence. Its activation is really simple and so only requires a couple of steps. The first is find the access to the configuration of Nova, something that can perform through the own Launcher of apps.

Access to the menu of configuration on the access direct (also is can by a gesture touch-by sliding the finger towards up-on the icon of the launcher). A time within the paragraph of configuration of Nova, press during a second approximately the button volume less and automatically will be accessible a new paragraph called Labs, in the part inferior of the carousel. In the same way, if instead we wish to disable the Nova Launcher tests section will not have more to repeat the action, only this time we must press long the volume more.Funciones ocultas de Nova Launcher

Available at Labs hidden features

And what you can find in the hidden menu of Labs? Some of the tools available today, focus on the ability to customize the Google search widget, including the addition of an icon that the temperature of the weather app, can be represented the Google Pixel style.

Another of them functions in mode of test of Nova Launcher is refers to the ability to reset them widgets. An option that is especially useful when any of them gets blocked and is not updated. Of this mode avoid having that delete it and return to activate it, an of the solutions for this type of cases.

Among the settings available in this hidden menu we also have the possibility of assigning to the double-tap of the Home button ability to run Google Now and not Google Now On Tap. Less useful may seem capacity to force the overturning of the interface, as well as the detection of the apps that can reset ability to fix Nova Launcher as default.

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