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Honour V8 Max appears in the Tena with 6.6-inch screen

Huawei is especially active with its Honor range, and this is something showing the latest releases of their Honor 5 c and the new Honor 8 will be presented in a few days, on July 11. Now a new terminal of the firm has undergone the Tena, Honour V8 Max and it has shown us a phone of enormous proportions, that we mentir√≠amos if we were to say that it will compete with the Max my Xiaomi, because it will be even bigger and more powerful, let’s review its features.

Tena is the Chinese certification that go phones before reaching the market. It is practically an official technical specifications and design confirmation, since photos are also displayed, and where we can meet to detail all your specifications. On this occasion, although it is not called in this way, this new terminal is expected Honour V8 Max, offering different features and a screen much bigger.

Tab technical of the honour V8 Max in the Tena

On their way through the Chinese certification that struck us the of Honour V8 Max is its large screen size. If the honour V8 was already big in itself, this variant can be called as enormous, since it assembles a panel of 6.6 inches with one resolution of no less than QHD. In this case the new V8 Max also us offers a processor Kirin 950 at a speed of clock of 2, 3 GHz.

honor v8 max con pantalla de 6,6 pulgadas

It will be accompanied by a 3 GB RAM memory , somewhat lower than that of the V8 and 32GB of internal storage expandable to 128GB with microSD card. The battery will be large-capacity, to feed its large screen, 4400mAh and will be offered in silver and gold colors. Its dimensions are large enough, 178.8 x 90.9 mm with an thickness of 7.18 mm and a weight of 219 grams. The fingerprint reader is located in the back of the terminal. In relation to your software, install Android 6.0 Marshmallow under layer EMUI 4.1.

Honor V8 Max without dual camera?

A dato that us has surprised much of this step of the Honor V8 Max by the Tena has been is the of your camera’s photos. Although the standard version of the V8 Honor riding a dual camera like the Huawei P9, on this occasion the alleged Max V8 that has gone through the Tena mounted an only 13 megapixel sensor with dual-tone / a 8 megapixel front sensor LED flash.


This data, along with only 3 GB memory RAM confused us a little respect that may be a honour V8 maxi version. In fact it is expected that it submitted the same day that Honor 8, so it might be perfectly a variant of Honor 8 also. In any case it’s a spectacular bid by the Chinese firm to create a huge and powerful terminal.

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The honour V8 Max item appears in the Tena screen 6.6 inches was published in MovilZona.

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