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Honor debut 2017 with a new smartphone at CES Las Vegas

Makes only some weeks that met one of them terminals more surprising of the signature Chinese, the Honor Magic, a phone that as its name indicates plays with numerous aspects to show a design surprising and magical. Now Honor has announced that will present a new terminal the next week in the CES them Vegas, and as is logical, the speculation not are have made wait. Let’s review what terminal can be, since there are several possibilities on the table, let’s meet them.

As say the Honor Magic offers a series of features “revolutionary” within the range of this signature Chinese, from your screen without practically edges in them side, the camera dual, the sensor front for recognize our identity and a worm more than features very interesting.

A new Honor in the CES would it version international of the Magic?

The Chinese firm has posted a Tweet where has announced that next week at CES will present a new terminal, which could be called Epic. At least is the word that presides over all the “invitation” to the event and that obviously raises more suspicions. On the one hand can treat is of a new Member of the range Honor, and to follow with them denominations grandiloquent, the name “Epic” seems a good companion of range for the “Magic”. That could be the thesis more logical and obvious, the arrival of a new terminal.

Something is brewing #epic. We are unveiling the #NewHonorPhone at #CES2017. Are you ready? #doubleornothing #forthebrave

-Honor USA (@Honor_USA) December 30, 2016

But other sources point to that we could live to International Honor magic version, as you know at the moment is only sold in China formally, so that would need much sense the leap to the international market under another name, and Epic does not seem to us a choice crazy at all. In fact the own Tweet mentions the hastag “doubleornothing” that is can associate easily to the existence of a camera dual in this new terminal.

Honor Magic en la mano

Also are speaking of that the tweet it publishes Honor USES, the subsidiary of the brand in United States, since the CES 2017 is celebrates in them Vegas and is logical that is the charge of carry the voice singer. Another possibility is that we will see a new Honor for United States only, but honestly think the less plausible. Leaving out them speculations it only safe is that the next week will have a new Honor of form official in the CES them Vegas, that will give the kick of output to the new year of the signature Chinese, that promises to be very intense.

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