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Honor 6 X vs Moto: comparative

Yesterday already you leave a comparative in which enfentabamos to the newly released Honor 6 X with the phablet more popular of the last year of Xiaomi, but not want to leave pass the occasion nor of measure you in a duel with another of them large releases of late of the 2016 in the field of it range half, that arrived in this case with the seal of Motorola : the bike M. It is expected to have news on its launch in our country or trying to do with the importation or not think us more and opt for the Huawei phablet worth? The decision by its since is yours, but hope that this review to the specifications technical of both you help to decide it.


To the margin of our preferences aesthetic, especially concerning the front that is probably what more les difference, it certain is that them have enough things in common and with both are going to to enjoy of the elegance of a housing metal and of the already almost forced reader of traces digital, located in the part of back low it camera in them two devices.


Nor is there any data that may help us much probably choose if we compare the dimensions of these two devices, since the Honor 6 X it is only a little more compact (15.09 x 7.62 cm front 15.14 x 7.54 cm), the Moto M is only something finer (8.2 mm compared with 7.9 mm) and with regard to the weight are virtually indistinguishable (162 grams frent to 163 grams).

honor 6x carcasa


Equality is even clearer in the screen section: in both cases we have 5.5 inch and Full HD (1920 x 1200) resolution, which leaves us with a pixel density of 401 PPI for each of these phablets and an absolute tie so to technical specifications basic concerns.


In the section on performance the main difference to take into account is the processor, although its characteristics do not differ too: the Honor 6 X assembles a Kirin 655 of eight cores and 2.1 GHz maximum frequency, while the Moto M we have a Snapdragon 625 of eight cores and 2.0 GHz maximum frequency. In RAM memory, however, they are tied with 3 GB.

Storage capacity

In the section on storage capacity nor have nothing to help tip the balance on one side or the other, since both are in accordance with which, fortunately, is already turning into the standard in the mid-range: 32 GB of internal memory expandable externally through micro-SDcard.

Moto M metal


As regards to the cameras, that return to be evenly matched in what refers to the front camera (8MP in both cases), but that there are significant differences in the main Chamber: while Huawei has opted for a dual 12 MPcamera, Motorola has done by a conventional camera, but 16MP.


Return to find a coincidence in the paragraph of autonomy, that is indeed the more surprising of all (others is must to both devices is in accordance to what is normal right now in this range of prices): the capacity of the battery of these two phablets is of exactly 3340 mAh. If to this add that there are many features important to determine the consumption similar if not identical, it certain is that fits expect that his performance in this sense is quite similar.


If the choice between both already is quite complicated, with only ones many details that can assume a difference, the price is also quite similar: the Honor 5 X is has released by 250 euros and the Moto M is announced by what to the change would be ones 270 euros is true, however, that while the price of the first is already fixed , in the case of the second, do not know if it will change or not when you get to our country (and, in fact, nor do we know how much can take to arrive).

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