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Holophone: what you can offer a phablet with projector?

Image is one of the strengths of tablets and smartphones manufacturers are using to differentiate themselves from the rest of players in the sector. The incorporation of high resolution screens, or equipment with dual cameras, are some examples. However, we must not let aside other enhancements found in areas such as processors or memory, showing a frenetic pace of activity by all companies, regardless of their size. Through 2016, we have seen significant improvements in both directions. Since the introduction of virtual reality, to processors that outperform some laptops that we find today.

In this race by the leadership, found to the large technological as Samsung or Huawei, but also to other unknown or much more discrete as Akyumen. This company, which at first glance makes no distinction between domestic and professional public, aims to shake the market of the phablets with Holophone, which we then its salient features, and that it has already given that talk about in some magazines both technological and general information in the United States. We have the birth of a new generation of platforms that tries to break down the boundaries between media that we are accustomed to seeing?

holophone dorado


As with terminals that have not been presented officially or that come from small firms, what’s new in Akyumen keeps some unknowns in aspects as the design. Your exact size is unknown but the photos already published of the same, we can see that it is a terminal with more thick than most terminals that currently exist and that would be right on the border between tablets and smartphones in terms of the length of the panel. What if some portals have confirmed is that it will be available in various combinations of colors as black and silver or red and black.


The characteristics of image is where most can see claims that the developers of this device be used to position it in the market. We started talking about a diagonal 7 inches, to which we add a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. In terms of cameras, would be equipped with two lenses: A 13 megapixel rear and a front of 5. However, the most striking is that it comes with a projector built into the top, following in the footsteps of other models such as the Samsung Galaxy Beam, who passed through the market unnoticed. In the case of Holophone, said component could project screens of a maximum of 100 inch.

holophone fondo


A tablet capable of playing content on other screens, must have the power to do so without too much difficulty. This model is equipped with a processor Intel Cherry Trail 8300 capable of reaching speeds of up to 1,84 Ghz. At the same time, it has a 4 GB RAM. In terms of storage, based on a base of 128 GB, that it would be located among the highest in the market and that in addition, it can be expanded by Micro SD cards.

System operating

One of the most striking aspects of what’s new in Akyumen is the fact that incorporates the dual-boot. Unlike the majority of brands, which have cast aside this element to focus on a single software, Holophone brings series 10 Windows and Android 5.1. In terms of connectivity, noted for its readiness to support networks WiFi, 4 G and Bluetooth of latest generation among others.

holophone windows


It is the greatest limitation of this model between tablets and smartphones. If we saw before that in terms of performance, its characteristics can withstand seamlessly projector or the reproduction of contents, as for the battery, does not come out very well stop, since with its 3500 mAh, may be something adjusted when using some of the functions that I have commented before. To try to solve this problem, the manufacturers also put to the sale a base with a battery auxiliary.

Availability and price

On sale officially from November, which aims to be the jewel in the Crown of Akyumen, is now available in presale on the website of the company. As for the price, there are several important nuances. The Holophone is focused professional sectors as well as other domestic spending by groups such as students. Therefore, the components that we can find in the same box will vary depending on which group you belong. In the case of the most basic terminal, the price will be around around 550 euros. The highest could exceed 900. However, its final end of year release will end up confirming this last feature. It is also pending to be confirmed if we acquire it physical in major chains selling electronics of our country or may only be obtained through online shopping portals.

After learning more about a terminal that incorporates some elements who had a brief career in the past as a dual-boot or projectors, do you think Holophone may have a better reception than other similar terminals released earlier? You have available more related information as for example, the modular phablet that Motorola is preparing so you can say to yourself about what you can see in the field of smartphones coming soon.

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