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Hisense C30, Hisense A1 and Hisense E76, the news of the signing in the IFA

The fair German IFA 2016 has given the kick of output this same tomorrow and an of them brands that has dear take advantage of the framework of the CITES Berlin has been Hisense. The manufacturer has unveiled three new smartphones, each with very specific characteristics. They are the Hisense C30, Hisense A1 and Hisense E76 and these are all your specifications, details and specifications.

Hisense continues fighting by make is a hollow in the market of smartphones of range media and the IFA has been the stage for show part of their news of face to what remains of year. The signature Chinese puts on the table three terminals very interesting by their benefits, but to his time by some of their features novel that newly arrive to the market of it hand of first brands, as is the case of the double camera.

Hisense C30

The first of the list is the Hisense C30. While shows a design striking, with a housing in which is fused lines curvilinear, the great peculiarity of the model is its resistance to the water and to the dust. And is that the smartphone has of certification IP68, by what the mobile can be dipped in water to a depth of metro and medium during at least half time. In addition to its resistance to the liquid element, the screen has Gorilla Glass 4 cover, so it offers a plus in what to resistance against scratches and bumps refers.Carcassa del Hisense C30

The datasheet of the C30 Hisense offers an interesting cast of components. Thus, the display of the equipment is 5.2 inches with resolution FHD, in addition to other components such as processor Snapdragon 430 of eight-core, 3 GB of RAM and support for 4 G networks. The storage system is 32 GB, although it is possible to extend it by up to 128 GB microSD cards. In the section multimedia, the Hisense C30 has of cameras of 16 Megapixel in the part back and five megapixel in the part front. Autonomy depends on a battery with a capacity for 3,000 mAh. Also, the part of the software is marked by signature, Hisense VISION, and Android Marshmallow custom GUI.

Hisense A1

Other models presented by the Asian firm in the IFA has been the Hisense A1. The model stands out initially by the adoption of the new concept of double Chamber at the rear. A system of double 13 megapixel sensor to capture photos with the highest level of detail and quality. The front camera has a five megapixel sensor.Diseño de Hisense A1

Another outstanding feature of Hisense A1 is the incorporation of a sensor’s footprints in the front on the Home button. Of this mode the user has of a method more secure to safeguard the information and applications of the system’s looks intrusive. Other elements of the smartphone is its screen. With a panel Super AMOLED, offers images sharp in 5.5 inch in resolution 720 p.

In the part that concerns to the performance, the Hisense A1 has of processor Qualcomm Snapdragon of eight cores and 64 bits, besides a combined of 3 GB of memory RAM and system of storage with 32 GB internal and card microSD of up to 128 GB. The capacity of the battery is also 3,000 Mah and the operating system is Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Hisense E76

The third model presented is Hisense E76. Its maximum part of the design of its shell, which is made entirely in aluminium. Its forms and finishes make the Smartphone a team very ergonomic and easy to use. To this regard fits highlight also the incorporation of a sensor of traces in the part back of the team. In addition to security system – lock and unlock the system – the aforementioned biometric sensor is associated with other tasks custom brand for your system, based on 6.0 Android Marshmallow.Carcasa de aluminio del Hisense E76

Hisense E76 datasheet part with items such as a Super AMOLED screen of 5.5 inches and resolution FHD, as well as a processor eight-core Snapdragon 430 and 3 GB RAM memory. The storage system is composed of 32 GB and up to 128 GB microSD card slot. Battery, in this case, has a capacity of 3000 mAh and rapid charging technology.

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