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He digs without stopping and reaches the center of the planet in Mine Quest 2

Adventure games are gaining positions accompanied by other genres such as the role and strategy. The success achieved in some cases, resulting in its developers are launched to create franchises of several deliveries in order to emulate the good reception that their predecessors had. Super Mario may be an example of how a simple story may be stronger in time and mark a before and an after in the video game industry.

In portable formats of today, we have elaborate titles that seek to achieve shock records and lead the rankings in the catalogues of applications. This is the case of Mine Quest 2, the second installment of a series in which we must get riches of the interior of the planet by overcoming all kinds of obstacles. Will the new Member of the family get the admiration of many?


In a land that us can remember largely to them worlds medieval and environments of the Lord of the rings, our mission will be dig in them mines and find treasures and objects of all type that us will allow accumulate riches, but also, convert us in a warrior invincible. However, and as usual, the task will be complicated as enemies of all types appear from the depths.

mine quest 2 personajes


In the case of Mine Quest 2, this area is characterized by simplicity that goes from a very simple handling, to accomplished Visual and sound effects intended to make a gaming experience more enjoyable through a carefree and magical atmosphere equal parts. On the other hand, customization capability also has its weight, since we can acquire different skills, weapons and equipment to confront all of the creatures that appear in these subterranean worlds.


Mine Quest 2 does not have any initial cost. Released a few days ago, he managed to head towards the million downloads. However, all that glitters is not gold, and in this case, we have some problems very criticized by users as a integrated shopping coming to 70 euros per element, unexpected closures or failures at the time of save games that eliminate all developments and oblige again to begin the adventure.

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Do you think that Mine Quest 2 will have better results if your developers solve problems that have caused discontent among the public? You have available more information on similar games such as Clicker Heroes so that you may know more options at your disposal.

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