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Happy new year 2017 would new and mobile will bring?

This year has been one of the more interesting that have lived, in a sector so changed as the of the telephony mobile, is difficult predict what us bring the year, but itself can know them lines master of what us will offer in terms of evolution in them main models and ships logo. As well as what could be the main features that integrate these during this new year. It is our particular way of congratulating the new year 2017, of which we expect only good things.

If still walk a little behind and not have congratulated to all the year new 2017, these days you have given some ideas of how do it in programs as WhatsApp, so popular in all the world and that has been one of the main vehicles of communication these days.

Happy year new 2017 what mobile and features will be the more prominent?

This year will no doubt be marked by the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8 during next spring, already on the arrival of the flagship of the Korean firm is one of the highlights of the year, this is going to be even more. All is by leave back the wrong flavor of mouth of the Galaxy Note 7, with a terminal that offers many news, from its processor Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895, until news as a screen of to six inches, a camera dual and more memory RAM.

Características del Galaxy S8

And in what can wait of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is can synthesize what could offer us this 2017 in terms mobile, since is expected that the Snapdragon 835 with its manufacturing in 10nm is in the most of ships logo of 2017, as the HTC 10, LG G6, OnePlus 4, Xiaomi Mi6, even Meizu could finally launch a ship logo with this processor after have sealed the peace with Qualcomm makes just a couple of days. And of course we can expect a P10 Huawei, another evolution of the Kirin 960. Other aspects that are very likely to see this year will be memories of up to 8 GB of RAM, which will soon much appear in some Chinese phones, probably already in next spring.

render lg g6

And special attention virtual reality, which will get a new boost with the arrival of more screens with 4K resolution to different mobile. Four aspects that remain in clear upward trend will be curved screens or without frames, after the great evolution in 2016, dual cameras, which will be consolidated in this 2017 as one of the main features of mobile also range middle, and as no, a gradual increase of the capacity of the batteries that surely will continue to overcoming the 4000mAh to give us more than two days of autonomy. In short, more mobile, better and more surprising.

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