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GroupMe: another app from messaging ready to compete with Whatsapp

In other occasions, have spoken of Whatsapp as the app’s messaging indisputable. Data as that is used by more than 1,000 million of people in all the world, or also, that has reached records until now impossible as for example, the shipping of more than 13,000 million of messages in an only day, serve to measure the implementation of this platform that however, has with rival important as Line or Telegram.

In consumer electronics, nothing is written in a definitive way, and the fact that an application is a leader in a field, does not mean that it is not place for other alternatives which, with its lights and shadows, are trying to offer more users to demonstrate that even the largest, also can be overshadowed, eventually. One of these examples is GroupMe, which you then have its most important features.


Targeting all sectors of users at first, the idea of GroupMe is simple: through the introduction or the number of phone or email address, we can contact and start chatting with the contacts that we have scored before either individually or also through groups of related users in terms of interests. On the other hand, and as is the case with most popular messaging apps, we can share files and improving communication through the inclusion of a catalogue of emojis.

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One of the most criticized in most platforms of this type, it is the little care makes it to the privacy of users. To try to solve this shortcoming, GroupMe developers have incorporated a notification system thanks to which, we can choose which users answer or not, what kind of message we can receive and manage our presence in groups and channels.


GroupMe has no initial charge . This has served to overcome the barrier of 50 million users around the world. However, and to difference of others, requires of shopping integrated that can get to them 2 euros per element. Received positively in general terms, it has also been criticized for synchronization failures or errors that prevent using it once we have created our profiles.

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Do you think GroupMe can get a greater acceptance among the public? Do you think that Whatsapp will remain leader for years and that it will not be much room for similar platforms? Have available more information on other apps of this genre as Coco so can say you same.

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