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Graphics console on Android closer thanks to the Vulkan API

Just a couple of weeks ago we did echo of as large franchise of video games landing on Android and iOS devices in order to find new avenues for income and move their stories to a larger number of users. Evolution had part of guilt in terms of hardware of our smartphones, as it shows the API of Vulkan which makes us see how more are increasingly the display console on Android graphics.

Samsung was present at the 2016 E3 earlier this month to show the games optimized for famous API Vulkan of graphics that will star in smartphones in the coming months. The Samsung Galaxy S range always have been at the forefront of the catalog of cell phones power rankings and precisely both the S7 Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S7 Edge are terminals that they decided to incorporate this API.

Now Samsung shows on video as it behaves this API and as Vulkan is capable of situating us closer than ever to enjoy graphics console on Android.

There are currently three games that are compatible with the Vulkan API: Need for Speed No Limits, the last title of the famous franchise of racing cars, Heroes of Incredible Tales, a set of role in 3D developed by NEXON; and VAinglory, a game developed by Super Evil Megacorp MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style. All of them have been adapted to take advantage of the graphic with the help of Samsung API.

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Waiting for Android N

How we have already advanced, although recent high-end Samsung smartphones already integrated the new 3D graphics API, Vulkan is also available by default in Android, so those smartphones with sufficient benefits of hardware running Google’s next operating system will be closer than ever to the Android console graphics.

Vulkan API was announced last year, being available to any manufacturer. This API has now reached its first stable release and is able to benefit from CPUS with many nuclei which significantly improves the performance of those games that, until now, operated under the OpenGL ES API.

It will take more to meet new Vulkan-compatible titles and check this more than clear graphic evolution first hand.

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