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Graphic tablets for drawing and design lovers

When we talk about professional tablets, at first sight it may seem that there is a range of terminals discrete, if compared to the of other areas. However, the diversification and the approach to collective concrete, being two effective strategies that are allowing some companies to overcome stalemate which we have already spoken on other occasions. Currently, is possible find gradually an increase in the offer of models in land as the health, the education, or the industry that, despite be unknown for great part of the public, have entered with some out in all these fields.

Occupations such as architecture, design, fashion or advertising are some that the tablets may have a greater utility. These stands can increase greatly the productivity in all them if come accompanied of a software specific, and to the same time, meet some good features to a price affordable that them make more attractive. Here we show a list of graphics devices to take into account if we are lovers of the drawing and illustration and are linked to some of these professions in which creativity is the basis of success.

TabPro S Surface Pro 4 teclado

1 Wacom Intuos Pro

We started with a terminal that stands out due to its compatibility. You can work with creative apps created for Windows and Mac. Among other features, we found a screen which round 10 inches and is multi-touch. Can be utiliada either both with pencils as with the own fingers and also supports connections WiFi as well as USB. It allows the creation of touch shortcuts that can access content that we set earlier. Despite haunt per kilo of weight, also stands out for its thickness of only 12 mm. Its approximate retail price around 390 euros in some of the most important consumer electronics chains.

2 Huion Graphics

Available for only 80 euros, one of the attractions of this tablet, is your storage, 8 GB which, despite being very poor in conventional devices, is a good parameter focused models to designers and other groups that can be expanded up to 64 GB. The surface useful round them 10 inches. Like the Wacom model, it is compatible with the latest versions of operating systems from Microsoft and Apple apps. Launched at the end of 2015, it has an approximate weight of 770 grams.

huion tablet pantalla

3. Boogie Board

Directed to writers, we found with a tablet discrete both in price, that round them 40 euros in portals of purchase by Internet, as in specifications. With an 8.5-inch screen and a weight that is around 250 grams, the most attractive of this device, according to its manufacturers, is the fact that is magnetized, allowing both vertical and horizontal writing and its adherence to all kinds of metal surfaces to further facilitate the drafting. Its curious aspects, include a button that blocks the deletion to prevent accidental deletion of the content.

4 Ugee 19

Fourthly, we have a more expensive terminal, but also higher in terms of performance than the examples which you shown above. This model, whose cost is around 480 euros, has a screen of large-sized, 19-inch, to which we must add a HD resolution. Launched at the end of 2015, another of the highlights of this device is its high sensitivity, resulting in adjustments of brightness of the panel and also, the thickness of the lines that are drawn on it and also, its compatibility with editing in 3Dsoftware.

ugee 19 monitor

5 XP – Pen Star 04

Finally, a terminal that has a size and price that are more modest than its predecessor in this ranking but that can be a good choice for those wishing to take their first steps in drawing and illustration. The approximate cost is 75 euros. Among its characteristics, we find a useful display of a 9-inch which added to, once again, the compatibility with the latest versions of Windows and Mac as well as a storagecapacity of 8 GB. On their side contains a key with which you can access a series of commands.

Despite that in this kind of devices, we will see a lack of presence of the major brands and which have the role signatures unknown, and also concerned models which are situated halfway between the tablets in the strict sense and other formats and that sometimes are difficult to classify the truth is that other audiences away from traditional and massive consumer search is the oxygen of many companies. After learning more about a series of models tailored specifically to professions such as architecture or design, but that they may also have an important role in the creation of video games for other media, do you think that little by little we will witness a consolidation of this type of terminals among other user groups? You have available more similar information as for example, lists with other models focused on the working environment so that you can say to yourselves.

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