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GPS locator: An app to know where is our family

With the arrival of summer and the holidays of thousands of families, the usual tourist destinations are saturated and receive in a matter of few weeks to large numbers of people who, by far exceed the usual population of these sites during the rest of the year. For this reason, losses and the surprises do not know where are some of the members of the family with which we disconnected a few days, are common.

To try to solve this problem, both security forces as educators and agencies private among others, developing applications for tablets and smartphones as a GPS Locator, which you then have more features and that, at first glance, it aims to transform the way that we know the whereabouts of our loved ones at the hands of the devices we use every day.


As its name suggests, this application allows us to know where our relatives are at a right time. Initially intended to let parents know where their children are, this app notifies when children enter or leave the school, its exact location and at what spending the battery ‘s terminals. However, this application can also be very useful for seniors with orientation problems.

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Offline mode

Among its biggest attractions, GPS Locator is an optimizer battery that prevents drainage produced to enable the geolocation and on the other, a mode offline in which Internet is not necessary for the implementation of this platform. On the other hand, contains a locking system in case of theft or loss, which, according to its creators, also shows the location of the lost terminal.


GPS Locator has no cost, what has served for more than one million users. However, it requires you buy integrated to unlock all its features and which can reach the 30 euros per item. Among the most criticized of the platform aspects, we found the price of these items or excessive resource consumption while it possess some features to prevent this.

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Upon hearing an application that despite having lights and shadows, it can be useful to avoid scares children during this summer, you think that GPS Locator is a well thought out tool, or however, believe that it can invade the privacy of all the users who download it too? You have more information about other similar apps like GPS navigation so you can get to know more options available.

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