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Google says that reboots of the Nexus 6 p problems are the fault of hardware

The Nexus 6 p is not a mobile too outdated. Just takes something more than one year between us but, by misfortune, as will launch new versions of software, the phone just showing new problems. Some of them are discovered as soon as the Android device is updated, as for example the problem with reboots of the Nexus 6 p that we talked about last week.

A few days ago we informed you that the Google Nexus 6 p was experiencing battery failure, and a few days later we did echo the complaints of several users who alleged that the latest update of Nougat caused the dreaded bootloop on the smartphone.

Although in a principle is established as a problem of low priority, today same have could know that Google has asserted that the problems with them reboots of the Nexus 6 p are fault of the hardware of the smartphone. The Internet giant is recommended to all users who suffer this bug to come to service or repair the device to your place of purchase. By the time is unknown if Google plans to replace the phones affected or if simply offer service of repair free.

Google responds to the problems of the Nexus 6 p

A employee of Google nicknamed GoogleNexusCM, has published a statement on reddit so all the world know of where come them problems with them reboots of the Nexus 6 p. Then you let the words of this user:

“We know that a small number of users are experiencing problems at the Nexus 6 p bootloop. Currently are investigating what happened, but can confirm that the origin of them problems of reboots in the Nexus 6 p has its origin in the hardware of the terminal. Please, if you are affected by this problem contact the store where you bought the smartphone and make use of the guarantee or the different forms of reparation. Thank you for your patience.”

nexus 6p en mano

This information was shared by the administrator of the community Nexus of Google in the same forum, place where is concentrated the largest number of users affected by them bootloop that presents the Nexus 6 p of google.

Recall that the Nexus 6 p bootloop began appearing in the terminals after upgrading to Android 7.1.1, but is not the only fault that this smartphone owners have faced in recent weeks.

The article Google says that reboots of the Nexus 6 p problems are fault of the hardware was published in MovilZona.

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