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Google Play is updated with new features in the interface

Google is one of the companies most concerned by the users. We are seeing as always trying to innovate and make easier the daily life of the user with small updates that improve the experiences of use. Today, we learned that Google Play, will be updated with news on how to see the applications.

Some time we could see the new design and the new sections of Google Play, and it is that we can see that every so often, Google brings a small updates to their entire catalog of applications. Not have seen large changes that do that the form of work is different, but itself changes that is made welcome.

Google Play will update with new letters

The news that we bring you today is that Google will update its applications store to give a touch more refreshed and more intuitive. With this, will make that is seems even more to their other applications as Google Now, with the loads that generates for show information. In the photos we can see that this update brings a new way of seeing the applications, letters.

These letters do not go for all applications, but for the most important according to the search engine that you have this. What will make this is saving us a step to install or uninstall the application. As we see, when searching Google, it will show us the most important applications that search and will allow us to install the application, open it, uninstall it, or for more information.

We also see that when searching for a particular application, only give us outcome sought after application and other applications as suggestions, other outcomes or applications that look like, will appear the list, since otherwise the screen saturate with so many cards. Google Play is updated to have an experience much more fluid and that can save us steps in the day to day to be more productive.

Google always takes care to the user

Google has always been making small changes in their applications. Small updates in Google Play Store is subject of sections, small changes in design as a new slide-out menu. This time, Google Play will be updated with another small change that it may be us as differential as other updates, but yes we will see that in every day helps.

The last update we saw was that Google Play began to create more sections and separate applications, the applications of games, something was annoying and that has been a small.

Google Play article will be updated with new features in the interface was published in MovilZona.

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