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Google Pixel water resistance test

With the first Google Pixel already in the hands of its first customers, each day there are new test that put to test different aspects of the new terminal of Google. One of these facets, and why precisely do not include the new Pixel is its resistance to water. Let us remember that far from other flagships certifications, the Pixel Google’s is quite short, hence it has some interest a type test like this one, which measures the resistance to water of Google Pixel.

As we said before the arrival of the first Google Pixel units are allowing us to see all kinds of tests on the new Google terminals. In fact a few days ago we saw one of the most traditional ones, where should resist scratches, fire and the twisting force, come on, a bendgate.

As well, today we will see a test that measures the resistance to water of Google Pixel.

Resistance to the water of the Google Pixel

It should not expect great results in this test, because as many of you know, Mountain View’s not have worried especially at this new terminal of endowing it with a resistance to water or dust as in other ships we have seen in this 2016. While Samsung has equipped his people with the highest certification in the market, IP68, Google has achieved a modest IP53 certification for the Pixel, which makes it resistant to water and dust in specific conditions.

In today’s test has dipped to Google Pixel for an hour, and although it is not a test too hard for the terminal, since the pressure inside the container is not as large as for example in a pool, if it can serve to get an idea of to what extent we can dip it in normal use. And the truth is that Google Pixel behaves quite well, more than anything because after spending an hour submerged works almost to perfection.

Logo del Google Pixel en la parte trasera de la carcasa

And we say “almost” because after this hour of immersion, it seems that what has stopped working properly is the speaker, which at times loses power, as you can see at the end of the video, after more than one hour under water. This video shows that accidents with water for domestic, and we refer to a basin, cuisine or similar dives, Google Pixel stack perfectly resist the water, now know well, their long-term damage.

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