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Google Pixel sales are estimated at 3 million units by year’s end

According to a new study by Morgan Stanleymarket analysis company, worldwide sales of Google Pixel is encrypted in some three million units, a fact that would include the demand for the smartphone from the search engine since its commercial launch until the end of the year. Forecasts to 2017 face rises to a figure between five and six million devices.

Google gave a 180 degree turn to his project of smartphones under the brand commercial Nexus to give life to the Google Pixel. Behind this denomination were hiding the first smartphones manufactured exclusively by the Internet giant, with HTC as a collaborating partner. A way to take the controls definitely business and deal with Apple’s iPhone . The first results did not take long to arrive since the initial demand Pixel Google as Google Pixel XL was superior to the one estimated by the company. Now analysts are predicting that the commercial result of Google phones will move around three million units by the end of 2016.

Google Pixel sales in little more than two months

Although the first commercial results of Google Pixel are far from the figures recorded by the Apple iPhone in its last quarterly financial year, expectations are good. In the beginning, Google would have managed to sell around three million units of its Google Pixel (and Google Pixel XL). Is the conclusion to which has arrived the signature of investment Morgan Stanley after launch its reports to investors. Although the objective of the great G is rival with the iPhone of it Apple bite, it true is that in their early them figures is away of them harvested by them of Cupertino, that sold more than 45 million of iPhones during the last quarter economic of the signature for 2016 (of July to September) and ones 212 million of smartphones along its year financial of 2016.Carcasa de los Google Pixel

Of face to the next year 2017, them analysts of Morgan Stanley are running that the technological, that based their model of business in the advertising, will increase its share in the market with the sale of between five and six million of Google Pixel. Regarding this source not detailed what period is concerned, although it is expected that the figure is referred to the next quarter of 2017, corresponding to the months of January to March.

Less profitable than the iPhone

Also, the report made by the firm of analysis of markets goes more beyond to the offer data about the profitability of them Google Pixel. And it is that, in comparison with Apple, Google does not have a profit margin as broad as the signing of the bite block. And is that both the Google Pixel as Google Pixel XL are more expensive to manufacture than the iPhone and leave a bottom margin, around a 22 and 25% less respectively.Caja del Google Pixel XL

However, analysts from the firm reveal that these data of profitability for the sale of hardware will be optimized by the increase in market share with Pixel and the use of its main services associated equipment.

It is too early to assess whether the commercial strategy of Google will be effective to deal with Apple, but it seems obvious that the search engine has a long way to go to confront your your of Cupertino.

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